Monday, March 17, 2014

How Parenting Changes After Having 2 Kids?

We all have this thought when we had only one child especially when the child is a bubbly bouncy toddler who goes around like a blender without a switch. "I can't imagine having two or more kids because we need 2 pairs of hands (me and my husband's, yup that would be four hands in total) to take care of just one single child."

My kids are exactly 2 years apart. like, exactly. 24months apart from each other. I had a needy newborn in one hand and a toddler riding the waves of her terrible twos in the other. so how does this change our parenting experience life as a family?

#1 Nap and Sleep Times
3 months down the road since RJ was born, he naps only twice a day. 10ish in the morning and 3ish in the afternoon. aren't smaller babies supposed to sleep more? kakak tia naps once a day. These two siblings must not nap or sleep in the same room because either one will wake the other. so i put each of them to zz in seperate rooms..usually tia will be put down in another room then carried back to her bed when she's fast asleep. same goes with waking up time. either one will wake up crying and the other one will wake up. oh boy. haha

#2  Reclaim of belongings that were being once rejected.
Tia wants to ride in her old stroller now, when she didnt want to sit on it at all before riz came and we decided to chuck it in the store room, not bothering to bring it at all during outings. We fixed her old combi carseat for her brother and she insisted to ride the car in that seat. She insisted me to take off any toy that she recognises as her own if she spots one hung on her brother's playgym.

#3  Must divide self into 2.
Riz is very huggable now, though less chubby than tia at his age. but if i carry him around, a certain toddler would instruct me as such "put riz down, mommy. mommy carry Tia!" but if she wants to do something on her own without being assisted she tells me to "mommy go baby riz". kena halau. oh dear girl. hehe.

#4  Bath Time
At my mom's place..Tia would bathe in the bathtub. and because she loves to play with her bath toys i would fill up riz's little tub and bathe him while tia plays in the bathtub. done, pass riz to bibik and back to bathing Tia. in Sentul....back to back. bathe tia then bathe riz.

#5  Going down the stairs
So how do u go down the stairs with 2 kids?one in arm, the other hand hold toddler's hand. or one in a carrier, the other one pegang tangan.

#6  Outings
Oh when you'd think going out with 1 toddler is a handful...I had to bring bibik everywhere, who carries a happy riz everywhere in her kendong while i handle the hyper tia. It's challenging, but it gives you as much confidence as bringing a toddler out on ur own feels like only a piece of cake.

#7 Family shots
But not everything is challenging. ok maybe challenging to get both kids to look into the cam and stay put, but I look at our recent family photos and feel very very proud of my very own little family. my very own! 

#8 A new kind of joy.
When you see ur eldest hold her baby brother's hand. when she said "riz wants milk" when she gets her milk, when she tries to bottle feed her brother...easier put...the joy you get when you see happy smiles on both meaningful faces. the feeling? nothing but blessed.

So life is challenging with a new person in your life. but it comes with notable happiness . it's  a good change. the house gets livelier. I would never change it for anything. till then!


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