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Secondary Postpartum Hemorrhage - Part 1

"About one percent of postpartum women have what's called a late postpartum hemorrhage (also known as a delayed or secondary postpartum hemorrhage). This term is used to describe severe bleeding that occurs between 24 hours and 12 weeks after childbirth, though late postpartum hemorrhages typically occur one to two weeks postpartum. (Profuse bleeding that occurs within the first 24 hours is classified as a primary postpartum hemorrhage.)"
~Source: Babycentre

About 1 percent of postpartum women, it says.
Like using a condom for family planning. 1% might get pregnant..and u'll never thought that YOU will be that 1 percent.

I was one of that 1% women, exactly 1 week after my "awesome" vbac delivery. I know that it doesnt happen to everyone and probably not a big deal to some of us who dont know but to us medical people it is a medical emergency..the deal is you will run out blood if not treated asap and you will die. so...yeah. it is a big deal.

Ironically i started bleeding right after i clicked on the "publish" button of my birth story post. Was it a jinx? i don't know. i was typing while lying down on my tummy and i felt a gush out. i quickly sit up, worried that i might leak through the maternity pad and the bed. and hey i did stain the bed. called the helper to help change the sheets. that was about 2pm. my husband took tia to gymboree that day and came back around 4pm. I passed the baby to him saying that i need to go change my pad. i didnt expect something was wrong since i was still having lochia at the time.

It was in the bathroom when i discovered a blood clot a size of a golfball, once again soaking my undies. I washed and washed on the toilet bowl but blood just flows. it didnt stop. i moved to the shower cubicle, turn on the shower. washed again. and it still flows. to describe it, it was like tap water. except that its blood, and you just know something is wrong now. my mother had this after delivering me too, exactly 1 week after. she was warded longer than i was and had a bad reaction to the blood transfusion. Remembering this...i started shaking in the bathroom itself. called for my husband and he said we need to get to the hospital asap. 

Riz needs feeding..he was only 6 days old. He was fully breastfed, ive never touched formula at that time. I cant leave him. I put on a double pad which was soaked minutes after and got in the car, carrying riz. feeding him in the car. and I remembered crying, not thinking about myself, but for him. who's going to feed him? he needs milk and only I have his milk.......

As we reached the ED someone took riz away, a nurse put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me in. I was back at Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital. it was 6pm. I was laid down on one of the trolley beds, someone took my vital signs and my blood and they told me theyre gonna get a room for me and call my doctor.So we waited. and waited. 2 hours later, 2 hours. my husband has been pacing back and forth back and forth the whole time, anxious. what is taking them so long? blood never stopped flowing out of me. i can feel it soaking my sarong, creeping up my top. drenched in my own blood. and still not tended by anyone. hubby went to get the nurses...and as usual the answer was 'we are working on it. waiting for a room. calling the doctor. on his way".

Finally got a room at 8ish pm. and waited still...i was drenched. swimming in my own blood. i was getting weaker. husband was pacing back and forth back and forth and occasionally asked the nurses wheres the doctor? nobody touched me or checked on me. we just waited, with my blood flowing.and then finally when he cant wait anymore...he pushed the nurses to at least look at how much my blood is soaking the sheets and change me. one of the nurses even baru habis op, dia tengah makan.

One of the nurse finally came in, face all tired and frustrated, annoyed perhaps. checked the sheets and her face changed. she went out to get help and 9 plus pm they changed me into a hospital gown.the midwife came in and asked me to cough. another bloodclot the size of a huge golfball came out. they did ve on me. i was so stitches were still raw! but i cant respond very well already at the time. i just let them do whatever. i was falling asleep.....i think i got some kind of jab. i cant remember....i was really falling asleep. one of the nurses said "u have to stay awake! wake up maam! stay awake!" that cannot be NOT serious, huh? i was wondering if i was actually slipping into a coma. and strangely, maybe because of the blood mind began to replay memories. everything was in a blur, sounds were like distance away..and in my head i see my young husband, how we met at the phone booth during school orientation. i see him studying at the pond and stealing glances at me as i pass by. I see us on our honeymoon. I see a lot of us. and i dont know where that came from...perhaps you see things that matters to u most when ure slipping away. my mom told me she saw a toddler me playing with a toy drum going around her head back when she had this, while someone told her to stay awake. it's like a playback, a repeat of history.

My doctor finally came in....checked me on ultrasound..and said that there may be a retained placenta. infected already, and thus the hemorrhage. the nurse reported that my hb level was 6. that was taken at 7pm. it was then 10pm. God knows how low my levels are at the time. somehow i feel there was some kind of negligence there. I had to go in the OT for a procedure something like D&C, he told me. to vacuum out the remaining clots and repair the necessary. transfuse blood 1 pint first. and they wont even let my husband choose whose blood despite that the blood came from where he works. I was plain scared thinking bout the stitches down there. he said i will be under GA. and i breathed a sigh of relief.

Here we go again, on my second GA. again the cold operation theatre...the cold trolley...made me feel like a corpse. the anaesthetist did his thing and asked me to mengucap. and everything went black. 

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  1. ya allah,really scary..ika uri sangkut after vbac delivry still fobia smp sekarang, dok teringat doktor korek habis-habisan kat bawah tu...pengalaman bersalin mmang menakutkan dan buat kita fobia...teruknya delay time untuk rawat, dah lencun ngan darah kot..huu, so cpat karang part 2...tak sabar nak baca..


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