Monday, April 7, 2014

Flightradar24 app to stalk planes:)

First and foremost, i know this is late but my thoughts and prayers are always with the family and those on board of the recent lost airplane MH370. hidup dan mati di tangan Allah. I pray that they will discover a clue which leads to the plane at last..

I'm on a stalking mission.

Daddy radzli left for a hemophilia research meeting at Chicago and i've downloaded this cool app called Flightradar24 on my gives me a sense of security knowing where he is while he's being incontactable.

Found out this app when an aunty of mine, maizura mahathir posted about it on facebook. yeah yeah, been stalking statuses n planes nowadays. dah terputus dengan dunia luar sbb duduk rumah.hehe

This app basically shows the air traffic.u have to purchase it in order for it to be able to filter out ur flight. $2.99 pun takpelah, janji tenang fikiran. it shows the world map and then u search for ur particular flight n itll zoom in to that tiny aeroplane figure moving across the continents. hubby was on MH2 so i filtered out malaysian airlines, then MH2.

thats him in that little orange plane. MH2 heading to london heathrow airport.

what else awesome is u can search the airport he's supposed to land on and a lil bit more to look at the arrival n departure will also show the temperature of destination. cool gila to me.hehe 

the red pin is London Heathrow Airport.

This is the arrivals and departure board. he's supposed to arrive at estimated time 5.55am.

so he's about to land in 3mins..

yupp reaching soon soon. it shows that the plane is descending at 7025ft. ha ye memang pun i duduk staring at the screen for a lil while there:P quite amusing lah this app.although makan battery dan mahal.

Alhamdulillah he has reached london for transit and will be boarding american airlines to chicago.and yup ill still be stalking that plane from here.not that i can make a difference..just nak sedapkan hati.

We actually plan to meet up on his way back, in london. but some crap came up and everything was messed up and i was really disappointed so im gonna buy myself a kick ass sewing machine with the money i already took out. hmph.

Ok, doakan keselamatan dia pergi dan balik menunaikan tugas yang diamanahkan.


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