Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Naptime conversations

tia: mommy! open the door! pleeease!
me: no tia. u need a nap..u havent napped all day..
tia: mommyyyiee open the door please mommy looook it's a sunny day!
me: i'll open the door after you sleep k?
tia: why not? tia wana go outside! (whiny voice)
me: will u sleep tia?
tia: no.
me : then mommy wont open the door.

Sounds like i locked her up in the room right? of course i didnt..i locked BOTH of us in the bedroom haha. that was a negotiation dialog btwn me n her..in our room.lol. tia has not napped the whole day and she started getting overdrived.the toddler said she doesnt want to sleep but her eyes were half shut and looked very tired. my kids cant sleep on their own..they need proper winding down n low lights, unless they're in a moving car.now i just thought i need to stand firm. i would not open the door til she sleeps. and i won! hehe

Mommy won after a series of whining, stomping, and trials of fake crying. ehekk.trying to get a feel.ehekk. no tears out yet. then i hugged her and took all three of her bantal busuk n laid her down on my bed hummed and pat her.tidur akhirnya. 1 down.

In the living room..adik riz is on his tummytime merengek. just now picked him up and rocked him a bit but he got even stimulated by the...ceiling.moving ceiling, cuz i was swinging away. so my maid settlekan while i put tia to zz.ok fewh.siap. both down.

Riz is growing up fast and will be a toddler soon and i have to sharpen my negotiation skills! nervous ni. haha.


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