Friday, April 4, 2014

Tia's Chronicles of Potty Training (Part 1)

Hello hello!

Parenting never comes to an end. we keep on going through phase after phase and its a new experience every other day. No matter how difficult or easy it gets, having these 2 angels with us have been nothing but blessings. cant imagine life without these two okayy.

So the time has come (or so i think) for us to potty train tia. I KNOW we're supposed to start it at 18 months, i've heard..but i'm not gonna lie bout this...mommy malas. hehe. n we've also been staying at my mom's for a while and my mom dislikes pee accidents. so we couldnt do it. now we're back in our sentul house, with lesser carpets so i thought we'd try. I also read that the child has to be ready. how ready? tugging at diapers being uncomfortable of the wetness, not comfortable with poop in the diaper, and able to tell us about it. like, "wash wash pleease".

But Tia sayang doesnt mind a full diaper (or perhaps its just how good mamy poko is) and also poop. and at 28 months...i dont think she's not ready anymore so here we go. mintak2laa dipermudahkan sebab mommynye a bit malas and xsuka messy2. hehe

Today's the first day that i let her go around the house in her undies, diaperless. we tried to put her on the potty many times but she doesnt seem to know how it feels like when pee comes out. so i want her to feel it. of course there goes her first accident and what she remarked was..

"gasp! mommy.....drop down thereee...soo wet...muddy puddle!!"

bahaha. this statement is epic and will be her potty training story foreverrr:) nanti besar nanti cerita. haha

That aside, half hour after she drinks i will wait with her next to the potty with her ipad in hand. hehe. like this (note: the accident we had was 5mins shy of half an hour T_T takpe, baby steps!):

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