Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chit Chat with 28 month old Tiana Jezmine

Earlier I promised to update on Tiana Jezmine.
Well here's a video of her talking to us in front of a webcam.
She has now begun to speak proper sentences and we can sometimes recognize whose style of speaking she takes after. all these months of her staring at us talk with mouth hanging open rupa-rupanya she's synthesizing a whole bunch of words and vocab! so becareful of the language and words you use around toddlers. haha

We really miss her baby babbles.....but life goes on and the kid's gotta grow! thank goodness we captured a lot of her baby talk videos too for memories:)

Do check out these:
"ku-payah" (referring to the kopiah she's wearing. oh don't ask why she's wearing one! hehe)
"so pedas hot cross bun...because it's so hot" (we're really guilty of her rojak language)


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