Sunday, May 11, 2014

Drool Bibs Upcycled from Old Clothes


I've been up to some sewing these past few weeks.
I have recently invested in a sewing machine. oops. not a sewing machine. but TWO. heheh.
Long story. I was supposed to be in London yadayadayada and was frustrated and found myself in Cottage Patch Ampang Point purchasing 2 Brother sewing machine. An overlock and an NV950. 

I always believe each household needs a sewing machine. and I'm gonna make this purchase as worth it as possible. 

My very first project is pretty simple : Sewing bibs for Riz.
Riz is now a very drooly baby because his saliva factory is under construction. Could have bought sets of 4 or 5 bibs from the shops but nothing means more than mommy made ones:)

And also, nothing means more than bibs upcycled from mommy's old favourite officewear. hehe
Mommy has put on a few more kgs so I cant wear some shirts and tops anymore (sob!) so i decided to put them to good use.

Making a Bandana bib is easy. draw a triangular pattern as below, cut cut and sew sew. 
I used an old towel for the backing and the absorption is awesomee. keeps his chest from getting wet. trust me, when he wets a bib, it really gets super wet!

I could get 2 bibs from this shirt;)

The final product

The handsome model
Then as days got by, I got a wee bit more better at feeding materials through the machine and upcycled ALL his outgrowned baby rompers. they are really nice Carters printed rompers and Mothercare ones so sayaaang nak buang ok! so i decided to upcycle them all up into bibs so riz could wear the prints a bit longer:D I cut the front and back pieces and also inserted his kain lampin in between those pieces for extra absorption. I also embroidered his name on it so it looks wonderfully personalized.
This bib was upcycled from both carter and mothercare clothes.

So do you have a sewing machine? go ahead and upcycle those all favourite baby clothes;) anybody need my help to do it and not too fussy....let me know. will gladly upcycle those clothes for you for a teeny weeny housewife's allowance fee. hehe

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  1. We have the same point of view when it comes to household matters. Sewing machines can really help us especially if we love creating new things from old. Yes, making bandana bibs is easy but what I like the most is this post of yours is the bib that's made from Carters printed rompers and Mothercare cloths because it seems so soft and it perfectly fits to your child.


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