Thursday, May 8, 2014

Of Yoga Class, Whisper Cottony Clean & Whisper Ultra.

Sponsored Post, by Whisper

Last Saturday, a happy, lucky me got invited to a Nuffnang event again. It was an hour long yoga class sponsored by Whisper, held at MYoga, Plaza Damas. I was excited to go cuz i am a big fan of yoga. I would try my best to challenge myself to stretch as much as I could everytime I do it. just because. hehe. I think the poses look very graceful and being able to achieve such pose just makes me feel strong. syok sendiri feeling kot:P

I used to do yoga on a weekly basis before I got pregnant with Tia. But I did Fly Yoga. Most stretches and poses we do in Yoga works wonders in lessening the cramps, lower back pain and discomfort of menstruation. I got the same effect when I did prenatal yoga. seriously, its gives me such a nice relief from the backaches. I was however advised against any inverted poses during heavy menstruation (first and 2nd day of menses), but only the inverted ones. The breathing techniques are good to help you stay calm and relaxed too. Too relaxed maybe that I almost drifted off to la-la land when we did the final relaxation breathings during that class! 

Here are some of the pics from the yoga class we attended.

Some pics with other bloggers:

And of course, Group pic!

It was a great session. I received an awesome goodie bag with a couple of months supply of Whisper Sanitary Pads. yeayy~

Being a loyal Whisper user since I was in my teens, I have to say that this product has really revolutionised throughout the years.  What I like best about this brand is the wings on the pad are wider and longer and absolutely prevent leakages. No other sanitary pads work for me in terms of security.

Let me intro the 2 types of Whisper Sanitary Pads in the market:
Whisper Cottony Clean & Whisper Ultra.

Whisper Cottony Clean 
Its soft cottony cover is very gentle to your skin. It has a Blue Lock Core which locks in fluid for cleaner protection. The shape of pad is designed with circles of protection and grooves for all sides leakage protection. One nice feature of this one is that it is pleasantly scented too.


Whisper Ultra
Also has the Blue Lock Core feature and is made of Dri Weave cover which absorbs and prevents fluid from going back to the surface, leaving you feeling clean and dry. It also has a Duo-Protect System which absorbs more in the middle and protect the sides.  I say, very good for heavy flow days.

Whisper Cottony Clean is a good idea, but my personal choice since many years back has always been Whisper Ultra and has never changed til now! I am actually amazed at how much a pad that thin could absorb thaat much fluid. I am not a fan of bulkiness of pads, so this works really well for me. I usually use Whisper Ultra Night for my heavy flow nights. and I notice that I did not leak once with this new improved version, because i do, sometimes with the old Ultras. Good technology. thumbs up from me:)

So which one's your pick?:) 

Much love,

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