Saturday, August 23, 2014

SAHM and everything I used to have.

Sometimes i feel a bit sad thinking about...

All the outings that takes a lot of effort because i have to bring around a toddler and a baby.

All the good food that i cant eat without having to feed two mouths (three, plus mine) and a possible tantrum.

My fringe which i wanted to cut a long time ago but now outgrown..and a hair colour wish which is still pending..

The dates we used to go out together, peacefully.i think i even forgotten how to go on dates without the kids.

Dance rehearsals and aerial pole.but of course. this would be an invalid wish at this age and with 2 kids.

Shopping for the kids, planning their birthdays, chipping in on vacation..and all the things i used to do when i was still earning twice what i earn now.

But everyday i witness with my own eyes how these two grow up and they change almost everyday.they amaze and surprise me ever so often that i might not get a chance to see if i go to work. 

Riz is becoming so attached to me and im loving every single second of it (except when he cries) and Tia..well she's still the daddy's girl she is and i cant change that (its ok now i have my mommy's boy blegh) but she is growing up to be very pretty inside out in my eyes n i would love to give the world to her.

Sometimes i miss work.not the unnecessary stress.but the lunches, the new restaurants we try every friday, short naps on the desk, the chats with colleagues, the pretty clothes.sometimes i feel stripped of everything. everyone needs a break. now i know what they mean by..being SAHM is not the world. u dont get paid at all, no leaves at all, no friends at all.

But hey, i can always go to work when i want to, cuz i will always have my degree in hand (if my license tak ditarik or something).and for now, im enjoying my kids too much. i am thankful for my husband who lets me have this chance, and also tries to bring us out to new restaurants , although together with the try on cuz i really need that after all the long days of housework.

However, as discussed with hubby a few days bfore..i do want a whole day away from housework and kids for a good salon session, facial or spa.just for a week i hope.ok til then:)

Lots of love.

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