Sunday, September 7, 2014

How to Dine in/Distract a Baby in a Restaurant

When we had just tia we never really dared to dine out, the three of us. once we got her interested in the ipad...guilty as we are we just put her on the babychair with the ipad on and eat peacefully. yes yes, i know it's not good. but at that moment of time..when the waitress puts a plate of awesome lamb shoulder worth 35 bucks in front of you..what other parents think doesnt matter. asalkan the child did not bother you makan and you get to fill up your tummy. it's just for meals anyway.

But with 2 kids along the way...i think we've gotten a bit better at this eat out thing. 
Last time...we take turns eating. i'll eat first while hubby takes tia for a walk then comes back, and i take her out while he eats. then like, whats the point of eating out with the family right?
Now we have to force ourselves to survive. cuz we cant take turns no more..we have to handle one baby each.

Now that Tia is a bit older and would stay put in her chair, so it is so much easier dining out with her. she still needs the ipad once in awhile but now she has this new love for magic clip disney princesses so she will bring her handbag filled with princesses and play with them anytime anywhere. she does buat perangai sometimes but still bearable and can handle:)

Tia's fave food and princesses by the side

Bored during buffet dine outs

As for Riz...this is what we currently do now.

Links. never thought of buying them last time but now i found them verry handy. these links have different textures and shapes. i will give it to him one at a time. most of the time everything will end up under the table cuz he's in the "hmmm-i'll-throw-this-down-and-see-where-it-hits" phase but it delays the process. hehe.

And also backup toys in case ure tired of picking up those tossed links under the table. I actually ordered a toy strap for this matter and waiting for the parcel. gonna clip the links to his shirt so he wont toss them down. anyways. these toys keep him occupied for awhile. so eat while he's occupied. for like...a total of 5 mins if u're lucky.

Better bring a stroller. because some restaurants do not have chairs with seatbelts. and RJ is in a phase of climbing out of a babychair. that, or slouching down those colourful plastic antique ones we used to find in mamaks during our time. or those stokke ones at PlanB? both my babies are too chubby they couldnt put the infant fixture on. drumsticks are in the way. heheh. 

And also RJ tends to get sleepy during dine outs. so we can push the stroller around til he falls asleep then hoorayyy eat in peace.
While we had breakfast at our recent staycation. still in pajamas:)

This is if you forget the stroller or baby gets too restless in babychair, or sleepy during dineouts. i usually carry riz to sleep, pull the hoodie on and sit with him in our boba. and eat. orang sebelah meja tengok2....."kesian" agaknye, diorg pikir.

Feed baby lunch/dinner together at the table
I practice this now. if i have to go out for lunch, i will bring riz's lunch together. so while waiting at the table I would feed him. one him, one myself. that would keep him quiet for a lil bit, at least til he's done with his meal. and thankfully, some of mine too.

If all else the take turns in eating again. hehe

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  1. i did bring colouring books and pencil colours too.
    all the above mmg pernah buat..:)


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