Tuesday, October 28, 2014

being SAHM: "So what do you do?"

So it has been almost a year since i delivered riz johann and decided that my happiest place despite how exhausting and how broke our family's going to be...is with my kids.watching over them with my own eyes n taking care of them with my own two hands.

I am blogging from my economy seat on a plane heading from london back home. it was my 30th birthday treat from dearest daddy radzli to tag along with him as he goes for a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. my parents helped to take care of the kids while we're away. i needed this trip, for some quality alone time.perhaps to celebrate a successful one year of being a stay at home mom.

Adapting is not very easy. i am doing what i like now..but juggling is tricky. so far so good, and i love it.it keeps me on my toes all the time but the downside of it is finance..have u heard that u cant have it all?

I'm doing quite a lot of stuff everyday.housework, cooking, being present n interactive with the kids, and crafting. busy, but sometimes it gets lonely.no one to talk to, to release with.it gets lonely til 10pm cuz thats when husband comes home..n if it gets really bad i go back home to my mom. n i spent a lot of money to send the kids to gym classes so that i cud get out of the house a few days a week n so that my kids dont get bored too.

because my husband n i share the same professional world..i stil have to meet his medical colleagues once in awhile.and the question that i find very very hard to answer is always "so what do u do?where r u working?" not only his friends..but also this lady who's sitting next to me on this plane.basically everyone i meet. 

"i was a pharmacist, then i resigned to take care of the kids.u know, while theyre still small.helpers nowadays cannot be trusted"

Too long an explanation, in my opinion:-/

But anyways..theres nothing i would change. between me and Allah, staying home is probably an honorable decision.i know financial wise is gonna be tough..n the kids are probably not gonna appreciate me enough at the end of the day...but i'm going to keep the faith going. something awesome may be waiting for me, i know its written for me one day.like this trip:) something like that.

so..yeah.adjusting is pretty hard. especially when answering the "what do u do?" question.who cares.asalkan saya bahagia.whats important is that, altho there may be hiccups here n there..i hope my kids will have a memory of having mommy around in their childhood..and not a nanny."i want mommy".not "i want bibik".just like my siblings n i last time:)

Tia and Riz are turning 3 and 1 respectively next month...and i am so proud of all of us! til then, cheers everyone:)


  1. BESTNYAAAAA. seriously ignore jeee org lain. jwb dgn proud u r sahm! :)
    ramai sbnrnye nk jd sahm tp tak berani je lg.esp yeahhh financial..huhu. i still planning to quit. hahahahaha. plan to quit after delivery 2nd baby march 2015. but we'll see. I mintak pd tuhan diberikan kekuatannnnnnn fizikal mental.

    1. best as in takyah kalut punchcard and kene pakse gi kursus jauh2 jeeeee..hehe...financially..er i memang struggle..n my source of income sekarang macam omg tak stable nye. haih....pape je la just go with it kann

    2. but all the best for your next baby!!! tido banyak2 dulu k skarang hehe


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