Friday, November 21, 2014

Wau Handmade Art Market

November has been a very busy month for me. started off with the Copenhagen trip, then tia n riz's little picnic party..then a whole 2weeks of crafting for first ever craft show:)

The Wau Handmade Market was held at the White Box, Publika on 15-16th nov, which was a weekend..two months back i excitedly registered for it thinking hmm maybe, just maybe i would have enough craft to put on the table for people's eyes to feast on.then somewhere along the way, kureng sikit confidentnye so i invited a senior of mine to share the table with's my first time anyway.takut lah.hehe

Since i sell baby and toddler handmade items, i wasnt counting to sell a whole lot of my stuff.its a general handmade market, and not many mommies come shop at markets like this. so i was there wholly for the fun and meet people, to take care of my own personalized booth:) and boy do i feel good about that!

For those who dont know, i've been keeping myself busy with the kids, d house, and making some of these, strictly during the childrens bedtime.unless i have backlogged orders then i will sew or craft during the day while watching the kids play.

I'm pretty lucky my friends and mutual friends actually like my work and pm me to order for their princesses. heartfelt thanks sangat sangat sangat alhamdulillah:) makes me happy that people actually wanna wear my items.hehe

I had my booth pretty well planned out.from the sequinned baby pink tablecloth, to the headband tree, to the pvc pipe rack display i requested my dada to make for me.i even customade my plastic bags, labels and business card.

and then the day came and here's the booth i was so proud of! senior was super duper creative too.look at her side of the table;) she sells baby wraps by the way, search IG for is always best to babywear your babies, everyone:)

It was such a great event, and a good platform for us to display all our artwork for others to feast their eyes on:) on another note, yes my sales on that day was pretty good. bandana bibs are gone, more tutu orders..very grateful! yea la where else can i get pocket money if its not from here..haha

Anyways i hope to join in more bazaars in the future.simply because it was funn. ok2 maybe i can get some allowances from there too to buy kids clothes n such.oh u know:)

Til next post..have a blessed Friday everyone!

hugs, Sabby.

oh ps..if anyone's interested in ordering and joining in this tutu like me on facebook and instagram---> Sabbytia. text me for a custom order yes?love ya!

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