Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Anak baru 2 dah macam ni?

Is the question and comment i got from my parents not only once, but multiple times. you see, we've just relocated to my parents while waiting for our new house to complete renovation. our Ampang house is a two storey semi-D which is such a pain when handling two toddlers.

Since a month ago i have this nagging backpain. its terrible when i wake up every morning, when i sit for more than half an hour, when i lift riz out from the hurts when i bend down. on a scale of 1 to 10 on a pain scale it would be a 7 everytime i bend down or strain that part.its bad that its very mood detrimenting and i get irritated very fast with the kids..

sometimes i cant find time to bathe.or finish my laundry. or i cant manage the two of them when one cries. and i always get that annoying question.

How do u keep sane with a 3yo who goes around and around singing at the top of her lungs around u while ure trying to converse with someone?and a 1yo who would climb anything raised in fromt of his eyes and chews every darn thing be it food or non food?pulls on the cats tail at every chance he gets, and eat cat food? and a sister who would follow everything lil brother does just to get the same attention? so how do u cope? how do u stay sane?

Baru anak dua dah tak boleh handle.kalau lebih?

which is why i have only two, and if u see another one coming, that would definitely be an awful accident.

But really, be kind. that question takes a lot out of my self esteem..i'm hopeless. i cannot take care of only two kids. 

But u know what, i did it all on my mom has never survived without a maid taking care of us two although she also stays at home.but i have no help.nobody understands what riz wants or needs EXCEPT me. yes i may yell at Tia. but i don't beat her like they did last time. and i still get "macam mana jaga anak baru dua dah marah2 macam ni?".ya husband works 3 nights in a row. anak bangun pagi tanya "daddy is not back from work yet?" in the morning. not night. they havent seen their dad in 3 days.i am handling everything on my own..and stayed up at night making tutus so that i could send tia to school. i have never slept before i dont know what is enough for my parents......


  1. well sabby, i got "baru anak 1 dah tak boleh handle ke?" from my parents. so am a lot worst i guess.

    But take it one step at a time. This is just a phase..or hopefully :P. Chill and embrace it with love.

    Been a silent reader of yours. Hello :)

    1. Hi:) thanks for reading hehe...a lot of rants soo sorry:P baru anak 1 kalau takleh handle it means that ure still adjusting ma. i hope its just a phase too. all the best to us!

  2. I can imagine how it feels coz everytime i heard my friends pregnant again i coudnt imagine handling a toddler and a baby at the same time. It's tempting to have 2 kids but not now. Im a SAHM too and never sleep before 1am. Totally can relate. Be strong sabby!

    1. its veryy tempting to have 2 kids because u want to give ur firstborn a friend to play with....yes let us be strong! hehe


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