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Baby and Toddler Classes at The Little Gym, Intermark mall KL

I have recently enrolled Tia and Riz in The Little Gym. reason being they need a place to stretch out, jump and swing around and use up the conserved energy. otherwise they'll be cooped up at home and Tia will be lying around with her ipad and riz well..he will be going around doin mischievious stuff. on my end too, i need to get out of the house. dulu complain tak cukup masa spent with the too much time spent with them sometimes, they do drive me a lil bit crazy.

So it has been 3 months since the kids joined their classes and i thought yes this place definitely deserves a review on this blog:) 

The Little Gym has a range of developmental programmes which are gymnastics based for babies toddlers n kids from age 8months up to 12yrs. they named their classes with fun names too. Tia is in the Funny Bugs class (age 3-5yo) n riz is in Birds class (8-18mo). the funny bugs classes are independent based, whereas the birds class are attended by parent and child. there are 3 branches; Kota Damansara, Hartamas and Ampang (Intermark mall). i enrolled them in hartamas because we were staying in sentul before but now transferred them to Intermark cuz its nearer to my parents' place.
the reception counter when you walk in the entrance

I love the Intermark branch. the place is huge! facilities wise there is a huge waiting area for the parents to sit n watch their kids in class thru a big glass wall, toys and beanbags for the kids while waiting for their siblings to finish class or for their class to start, kids washrooms with little toilets! free coffee and tea (like like), and a changing table. the hartamas branch even provide supplies such as nappies and wipes. i feel this is really convinient cuz i hav to bring both kids along and riz could really find something to do while waiting for tia. 

children waiting area

tia learning the parallel bars

Fees wise i dont remember exact details but u can choose to pay monthly (rm320) or buy a package of 6 months (24 classes, rm1440) ) or 1yr (48 classes).whats nice is it comes with a complementary practice class (with instructors) each week so u get to go for 2 classes a week instd one.. i think thats worth it. n its erm. a little bit cheaper than gymboree.hehe.

free hot drinks <3

check out that kid hanging in the back!

Teachers are very patient and fun-going. i hav read that they are better than the gymboree teachers and i have to agree. they handle the kids pretty well and there are usually 2-3 teachers to aid a class depending on how many kids there are.
the littlest big kid toilet which i'm so amused at hehe

roughly, the funny bugs Classes usually start with circle time- introduction of names and ice breaking, then group activity, then skills of the week and then some games. its a 1hr long class and it keeps the kids occupied for the whole hour. Gymboree usually encourages parents to leave the children, but here we can watch the kids from outside.they use a lot of gymnastics equipments such as the parallel bars and balancing beam and tricks such as forward rolls, handstand and cartwheels. i do notice tia gets more determined in achieving certain tricks and also more confident in trying out new things.the confidence part is very important to me. besides the gymnastics skills which attracted me in the first place hehe.

As for a baby u dont notice that much change but i love seeing him notice other babies his age around him. he has now taken his climbs to a higher level (alamak) and he loves the bubble activity so mich that his first word was BUBBLE. true story! n he tonggeng everywhere now in a readytogo forward roll position. applying what he learnt in class everywhere else. initially i enrolled him cuz he looks like he has too much pented up energy. and also so that i get to socialize too. salingan. like i said, facing the 4walls at home can make people a lil tad insane sometimes.
Riz in his Birds class

bubble tiime

Overall i have to say that The Little Gym is awesome.theyre not paying me for this. they always make me feel that my money is worth it; with the facilities, hospitality and expertise of the teachers in knowing what theyre doin n how they play with the kids. this provided you dont go for the weekend classes...too many kids and tak menang tangan the instructors.hehe. so go ahead n give it a try. call in for a free sesh.

Tia in her Bugs class, just hangin around with friends

ok til then, 

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  1. Hi there,

    I wonder are your kids still with little gym? My enrolled my 15 months girl at Hartamas since Feb this year. Recently my hubby is the one who accompany her for classes since I'm in my 3rd trimester, but I did observed from the outside. She seems to be enjoying herself, but hubby said things are getting repetitive and he think we should try something else. Since my daughter will be promoting to the >18 months class soon, I wonder is it worth to stick with it and see whether is the class gonna be different. Do you notice any difference in the way the class is conducted for different age group?


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