Thursday, January 1, 2015


2014 has been a pretty challenging year.not only for me i guess, but to our whole country. what with the 3 doomed planes, the flood. it was a crazy ride all of us and the curtains are now closed. hopefully for a better beginning and a better year of 2015.

In 2015, i pray for more family time. for the kids to see more of daddy instead of asking me "daddy went to work? again?" ( i don't know if this wish will ever be granted for a doctor's wife). i wish we will be granted with more rezeki, because if we have more, we will have more family time (or maybe not, fine i just wish we have daddy radzli 2 full days in a week just like every other family).

I pray for good health, and that this back will get better, so that i could take care of the kids better and be less irritable to their shenanigans..i pray to be more patient, and a better,loving mother. i pray for strength to take care of my active little boy because he really drains me out. i pray riz would be more independent and do less mischief so i could spend more time with tia so that she knows mommy will always love her.

Finally, in 2015...i wish i will have more time to make stuff for Sabbytia, and that people will always like what i make. on the overall, i hope 2015 will bring me an easier life compared to 2014 and that Allah will provide us the best of health, keep us safe, and grant us more time with each other. 

All the best to us all,

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