Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Guide to Host a Cukur Jambul Event (For Boys)

First and foremost, we are ever so grateful to be gifted with our own mini us; a pair - a girl and a boy. Last 2 years I posted about the breakdowns of a cukur jambul & aqiqah event. everything in that post is very girly, as it was customade for our little princess, Tiana Jezmine. This is my version for our little prince, Riz Johann. a little tooo overdued, but hey:)

We had this event when Riz was 2 months old. Our main purpose of having this event is again to sacrifice two lambs for our child, as required in Islam. Cukur jambul and marhaban and everything else are just part of tradition that we feel, should be preserved. We invited only family and close friends to keep it intimate. Backdrop is of course necessary, for photo sessions sake. photos are memories which last forever after all:)

The Cradle
As we are blessed with a baby boy, the first thing that came to mind was I wanted a boyish pelamin. all the pelamins are full with flowers. Once upon a time I had this dream of having my own pelamin and decor company. and i've always wished to build a boat cradle. just because no one has done it before. even researched on carpenters and stuff, and then hubby said...barang2 bulky ni ade stor ke nak simpan? oh well, there goes.

I came across BeautyMe Event and Decor on instagram. they posted a very nice and simple baby cradle pelamin at that time and I contacted Emy, the owner. I asked her, i wissssshhhh u have a boat cradle that i can rent and she said,"you know what, I can build one for you!" and bam i was like EXCITED. RM800 for my dream to come true. custom made just for us and we'll be the first to use it, yey. they already had a navy themed set of decor for a photobooth so we decided to go all out navy themed. I requested for orchids in water filled transparent vases because they were neutral and simple and not so feminine, and also inspired from Jovian Mandagie's launch of his Orked range last raya. so this was how it looks like. I strongly recommend BeautyMe because Emy is so nice and their dais are so pretty and unique;)

Marhaban Group
I'm stil loyal to this group introduced to me by my postnatal masseus. they could go around houses in the ampang area. so anyone in my area and looking for a marhaban group can give Datin Sham a call at 017-2365315. Bayaran masih sebanyak mana yang ikhlas. For Riz's event i only requested for 15 people.

Sacrificed Lamb and Catering
This time around we didnt get sponsored for catering. hehe. but alhamdulillah, we found a good catering company online. They claim to be the supplier for aqeeqah lambs so they quoted us a fairly cheap price. We needed to aqeeqah 2 lambs for a little boy and it was RM1900. barbequed, with 4 types of sauces, mash potatoes, salad, bread and mushroom soup. then we decided to add an extra main meal which was nasi hujan panas (because the rice is pretty and colourful.hehe). that was RM10 per person. Food was awesome, tiptop.

We ordered tents and tables and chairs from them too. which was a mistake actually. nobody came to measure at our house and u know what, they brought a tent too large on the night of the event day. we ended up with no tents at all. nasib baik porch besar, can arrange tables there. n nasib baik the weather was good, so the open aired tables were safe. so if u guys were to order from them, just stick to food k! check this link out -> Kambing-Goat Fresh

Kali ni a bit semangated, dont know why...but we actually went to the tailors to get our clothes done for the day. we wore a theme of silver colour, tia and i wore additional matching peach butterfly printed materials. We made a baby jubah for Riz so that it would be comfortable for him. and I ordered a tiny knitted kopiah for him at Lady Krafts. She gives prompt, efficient service. and friendly too!

This time i did my printings all on my own. It saves more money and gives me self satisfaction. hehe. I bought some cliparts and digital paper from etsy and did them all up in adobe. then i sent them for printing at PrintShop2U. they can be found at Lot 1243, Jalan Hulu Kelang, 68000 Kuala Lumpur. tel: 03-42572000. Lynn is ever so helpful. she has been helping me print a lotta stuff for tia's birthday too. I designed an announcement board, the yassins, and thank you tags. they're all navy themed. however, i think she prefers to design for you and seems a lil bit disheartened that i did it all by my own (with sizing errors)..but i'm on a budget, and she's a printer. so i'm sorry Lynn if i am a bit handful to layan -_-

As usual, our doorgifts are yassins. this time we put a yassin and a customized fondant cookie with Riz's name on it in a pouch. for kids we gave out marshmallows in boxes. for our non muslim friends...customized cookie and candies. could not give up the usual apams cuz my apam vendor went for a family vacay. hehe

Other than the above, flow of event are exactly the same. We were so grateful that it went beautifully and smoothly. and we cant thank you enough for those who came and families who have helped make this another successful event.

Til then, here are some of the pics from Riz Johann's kenduri aqiqah dan cukur jambul:


  1. wahhhh... canteknye... tgh preggy 2nd nih google utk deco baby cot utk baby boy nih (In Sha Allah) jumpa post aqiqah mmg cantik theme nautical, sailor & maritime ni...

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  4. Hi.. May I know where you ordered the customised fondant cookie from? Thanks in advance. Anyway, lovely majlis. :)

  5. Hello can u share beautyme event and decor contact? Cant seem to find them on instagram. Thanks in advance

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