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Mommy Review: Tinyworld Double Stroller

We've been very loyal to our Maclaren stroller since Tia was 10 month old so that should be around 3 years already. now that Riz has joined our little family, i have been pushing Tia on the stroller and babywearing Riz when i'm out alone with them. usually for tia or riz's classes. and then Riz got heavier and heavier and doesnt like the boba anymore. so I thought we should research on the best double stroller to cart both kids around. 

So what i have found is there are two kinds of double strollers- the twin(side by side) and the tandem stroller(front and back or stadium style of seating). the first one is easily available everywhere in the malaysia market whereas the latter are mostly bulky monster strollers.

My stroller of preference would be an umbrella fold one and lightweight but comfortable for both kids. yes i am that picky since we bought that quinny buzz and i could manage that on my own.i want yang sepak2 dah bukak, tendang2 dah lipat.gittew. hehe.we almost got the Halford Twin Fliplite because thats the cheapest and simplest n lightest, but i dont fancy the idea of struggling in between shopping aisles and carparks.

And then i found this while browsing the hashtag #doublestroller, and it made me soo happy:)

this stroller is actually a China version of the Kinderwagon. At first i was hunting for a preloved original Kinderwagon but i was told that Tinyworld was made by the same factory. so its Kinderwagon in the US, Tinyworld from China and Miniwalker in Singapore. I got this from an instashop in the end.

The Tinyworld stroller is a tandem stadium seating stroller. width is only as big as our Maclaren but with two seats. it weighs around 11kg if im not mistaken and it folds with both seats need susah2 cabut seats baru boleh fold.this means that its good for travelling and flights.

The maneuver is great.and its not difficult to tilt it up onto curbs at all. it looks tiny but there really is plenty of space for Tia when she rides in the backseat. well actually, she has claimed the backseat as hers so riz has no choice bt to sit in front.

The basket at the bottom isnt very huge but is alright. no complaints.the seatbelts are 5point harness and most importantly it can be fastened one belt at a time instead of having to match both belts before latching it.other that that this Tinyworld functions exactly like your favourite single umbrella stroller only with 2 seats. it even opens and folds the same style as a Maclaren.

Now for the cons. only the back seat reclines so only 1 kid gets to sleep at one time. so for long hours jalan2..macam susah sikit. riz will usually rest his head on the front bar n looks quite pitiful athough he does not whine.the bar in front is not detachable..i find that quite annoying.both kids cant get down n climb in on their own( but tia's been practicing climbing in by herself and slipping down under the bar at the front seat to get when we put the sunshade on i cant really see the front and the kids because the back seat is higher than the front. the sunshade is big enough to cover both kids and will hide the kid in the backseat:P but however the front child's legs are not properly sheltered. kesian jugak kaki riz. need sunblock then.

When folded its around 4-5inches longer than a regular Maclaren. only the front wheel can be detached. it looks like this when stuffed into my mazda 2:
It looks really desperately trying to be stuffed in. however i think the other double strollers would fold n fit about the same or wont fit at all.

So thats it:) everything else is perfect. this stroller cant be found in any physical shops so far, and i was taking a risk by getting it without trying it on first. but this is what i can tell you guys if you plan on purchasing it:)i am loving it so far.oh and also if one of your kids doesnt want to sit in, you dont have to struggle with a huge empty twin stroller and a runaway kid.cuz it feels like an empty single one.

Overall.. the Tinyworld stroller isnt one of those fancy shmancy kind but is functional for me.i would definitely recommend it for quick rides and travelling. Alright..hope this post helps:)

mommy Sabby


  1. Riz dah besar sgt daaahh! Oh my, i still remembered the time when I read your post delivering Riz last year, with pics of him in that big sweat shirt and all..and now he's joining big sister in the strolller wagon already!

    Am in my 30th week pregnancy now with baby no 2, getting mixed feelings about vbac. My first born I had to go through caesarian..still wondering how did you deliver Riz last time..

    1. omg sorry for the late reply! but yeahhh time fliies...when i delivered Riz it was an unplanned vbac..the doc was late! i was all set for csect but had to pushhhhhhh. ended up with a 2nd degree tear. no episiotomy so was all good! hey good luck on ur no2:) or have u delivered?alamak teruknya i ni

  2. thanks for your review...helps me a lot to choose..huhu yg penting bile dah folded bole muat ke dlm bonet myvi?

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  4. Salam sis,
    i m owner
    thanks for your review!

  5. Love the stroller! I had lots of different fancy pushchairs with my first.. and honestly with my 2nd i went straight for a basic stroller.. its perfect for absolutely everything! she's now out of it though :(

  6. New reader here, I really love your blog and your message! Before I became a mom, I used to do the same thing for my baby. It's just as wonderful as you imagine it being a great innovation. baby Stroller

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  8. It seems like your kids enjoyed riding the double jogging stroller too! Your babies are so adorable! The double strollers is really looking good . I really liked the picture above. thanks for sharing this post .

  9. I was looking for double stroller eagerly, as I was wanted to pay visit to my friend, who has become a mother of twin babies. I found a website while surfing the web space that helped me know about the best strollers available in the market, so I placed an order online.

  10. Hi, I'm interested in this stroller as well! May I know how old is Tia now & is she still able to fit in the stroller? R her legs all cramped up behind? Because I read some reviews saying that the stroller is a bit cramp & seats a bit short for babies with bigger backside or older children with longer legs. Hence, I'm hesitating....

  11. Wow, how can you look so pretty in white scarf? White is a tricky colour for hijab but you sure pulled it off!

  12. interested to purchase the steoller two..but can i ask u few ques since uve bought one...
    firstly...i saw in the photo when u r trying to
    put the stroller into seems that u cant put the boot cover does it mean that u wont be able to drive n look from the back window
    secondly is it heavy?is there any strap for u to carry it when its fold?so that it would be easy when boardinng flight
    lastly,can u push this stroller via escalator?sometimes its too slow to use the lift in the mall and what i usually do is to ask my husband to carry the kids n i push the stroller using the escalator...appreciate so much if u could provide feedback

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