Sunday, January 4, 2015

Potty Training Tia Jezmine at 3 years old

When Tia was 2 years 4 months i have posted once about potty training. being first timer and all, well....we didnt succeed at all. tia wasnt ready. she peed first in her pants and then went wide eyed and looking alarmed while telling us that she's wet. why i say she wasnt ready?she looks like she's wondering why suddenly wet. i bet she didnt know she peed.

And then there were a few more accidents and then i tried putting her on the loo after each half and hour and we waited and waited but nothing came out that i gave up and put the diaper on her only then she said, with a relieved face "mommy, i peed".

And then a few months later when we tried again she actually held her pee until we put on the diaper back on her. 1-2 hours without peeing. when i put her on the toilet she cried and cried as if she was scared of the toilet, or scared of the sound of pee, or i dont know.

And then there was a phase where she announced that she pooed in her diaper (behind a couch) and completely refused to let us wash. this was the aftermath upon recovering from a high fever, when multiple suppositories have been used (because she refused oral pcm). she was so phobic she wont let us touch her private parts at all.

So i got a little frustrated and gave up and was a little worried because she was almost 3 without any progress and we are moving back to stay with my parents, whom are very very particular with cleanliness and do not approve accidents. i mean, how to potty train without accidents at all? and how is she gonna start school? who's gonna wash her bumbum after she poopoo? what if she refused to let people wash? terribly WORRIED i tell you.

We did attempt the training at my parents. she watched ipad on my parents bed and tadaa. accident. and then there was drama and some bebels and i decided to let go potty training to my mom.

I went to survey a few playschools for her. and my first and priority question was "theres a daughter is stiiiil in diapers. we tried potty training but without success. ah?" and i chose the school which assured me "dont worry, we'll help her get through it. i am sure she'll do fine:)"

And then bam. Allah saja nak tunjuk. the very next day, she told us she wanted to pee. exact words-"i want to pee in the toilet."

and then....."mommy!! I PEEEE I PEEEE"

and i gave a big clap and said wheeeeeeee High five Tia HIGH FIVE!

and she asked me......"are you happy? are proud of me?"  
:') yes sayang, mommy is proud of you:')

and thats the story. how it started. that easy. just one fine day n she decided "i am ready". at on dot, 3 years old.

we bought her this ladder potty from which was really awesome:)

so after that, poopoo time also sama. she's still a bit confuse as whether she needs to pee or poo, but is getting better at it.

Night time and outing tackled it yet.
what i am thankful for though....tia's gym has this little big kids toilets and she loves to try them out. hehe. thats a start for diaperless outings. cuz i cant imagine having her pee in the dirty public toilets yet. mommy's not ready yet T_T

So where we are now at potty training? play vid below. hehe

Tiana 3 years 1 month from Sabrina Salleh on Vimeo.


  1. Good job mommy! Would you care to share which school was it that assured you they will help her get through it? coz my son is 3yo and still not potty trained :(

    1. Hi babe! so sorry for the late reply...dont worry, he'll come around soon! it's Kindicare in Ukay Heights, Ampang. love emm

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