Sunday, March 8, 2015

First VLOG!: A day in life of a mommy of two

Hi everyone, it has indeed been a long time....I have been super busy with the kids and my new 'label' Sabbytia. Making tutus and personalized tees. and to sum it all up i have made my very first Vlog:D a very amateur one but you gotta start somewhere right. hehe. I tried my best to document will be some missing moments but they are all roughly there.This was taken on a random monday. Tia was 3 years 3 months, and Riz 1 year 3 months.

Life and schedule has been slightly changed because we no longer live in our own house...we are temporarily staying with my parents while our new crib is under construction. it is indeed not easy to sort out the two kids in a two storey house..from the vlog, you'd know:)

Ok i'll leave you to the vlog *malu* and will see u again next post:)

love, sabby

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