Friday, April 10, 2015

Baby's First Birthday- Cake Smash Shoot

A cake smash shoot is something that i try to make a 'tradition' in my family. Basically, after 1 year old, a baby is pretty much allowed to have a first taste of cake, and is quite given a green light to taste and eat all sorts of food. note the 'quite' in my sentence because other than that fact, supposedly we still have to take care of those little tummies- try to go all organic and less salt, no sugar kinda diet.  a cake is too much la actually, of course. but no worries, do know that a baby DOES NOT eat a whole cake during a cake smash session. you can trust me on this because according to experience....there are 2 kinds of babies.

One that will enjoy a cake smash (aka Tia)

And one that will not even touch his smash cake (aka Riz)

Tia really had fun with her cake that it took a while for us to clean the place up and her tutu.

Riz on the other hand, touched his cake, looked at his icky fingers, and wanted to cry, hm. must be wondering what in the world are his parents trying to ask him do. or maybe he didnt like his outfit:P

We did not engage a professional photographer just for these pictures. just diy...i wish we could employ one, except that its such a short shoot and they can be costly. the photos are of course not of professional standards but sufficient and tolerable to us, and put-on-the-wall worthy.

As for the outfits...i let tia wore a bikini top for decency and a tutu skirt. for riz, i handmade a tie and suspenders and birthday crown. which i think turned out a bit silly but cant be crying over spilt milk! 

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