Sunday, April 12, 2015

DIY Mei Tai Baby Carrier for Tia's Baby Doll


I have been pretty busy catching up to Sabbytia orders lately. but perhaps with gst and all, this month erm. kinda slow. however, i have taken this opportunity to practice on my sewing skills. It has been quite a while since i have sewn anything for the kids. so i went online and bumped into this lovely tutorial on how to sew a baby carrier, or a mei tai for a doll!

Just coincidentally perfect timing because Tia is pretty much attached to her baby doll at the moment. she sleeps with it and brings it everywhere with her. when she goes to school, the baby doll waited for her in the car (cuz mommy malas nak kluakan balik after sending her to school hehe). I pulak have just given up babywearing because riz just wont sit still in it and within 1-2secs of being in it will struggle to be let out. little guy loves to walk and explore i guess (penat mommy and daddy kejar). I am very attached to my boba carrier that i got excited looking at this tutorial cuz it resembles my boba a lot and decided to try it and hooope that tia would like it for her baby doll.

Oh by the way, she named her baby doll Dosya. do not ask me where she got that idea. but it has grown to be a normal name in our family home these days. haha.

So to mommies who are crafty and manage to squeeze some time for sewing, here's the link to the awesome tutorial. serious senang. all you need are like less than a meter of fabric, some batting, a little bit of velcro and thats it!---> Gingersnap Crafts

The directions are fairly easy to understand even for amateur sewers (i am one!) it can be worn front and back. however, the child needs help putting it on and taking it off.

Here's the front carry:

And here's back carry which she loves. "See! i can run with Dosya on my back!" says she.

Looks like she's better at Mei Tai carry than i am:P  hehe. i used an SSC.

She babywears baby Dosya at our outing KLCC just now and it really turned heads haha. i guess people were amused. hey it really looks cute on a toddler!

I am happy that she likes it. I've seen these mini SSC for kids that are sold by Boba. super mahal! and the ones at the stores also at least RM69.90 and dont come with nice cute prints. Do note also...that i dont have too much free time that i could sew all these stuff. I make time. that means, after the babies are asleep. i do it during my me time, from after they sleep up to 1 ish in the between ironing clothes and layaning mr hubby.

Ok then, Good luck mommies!

hugs, sabby

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