Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How To Survive Toddler AGE/ Diarrhea

 A few weeks ago we went through a nightmare called toddler AGE. acute gastroenteritis or more commonly known as diarrhea. Tia Alhamdulillah has never been through this before so it was our first time ever with RJ.

Riz mostly eats at home, and i usually take the best precaution i can on hygiene. however, this lil guy likes to put everything in his mouth.as much as we told him no, somehow it happened anyway.

The terrible diarrhea lasted for 2weeks. it was the longest 2 weeks for us. it kicked off with a high fever, then he purges everytime after a meal. during the early days, he purged even after drinking plain water. we put him to sit on tia's toilet trainer to wash his bum. he was poopooing 8-10times a day. can u imagine how tired we were? me during d day, and daddy during the night. if we feel tired, can u imagine a little 1yr old?stupid, stupid virus.

Below are what i did and gave him during the 2 weeks of diarrhea horror, hopefully a helpful list of tips for parents who are currently in the same boat as we were then;

1. Fluids
Riz did lose so much water through his purges.whatever goes in will straightaway come out as if his whole body is just a hollow water pipe. We mixed a packet of oral rehydration salt in water into a water bottle and offered him every chance we could. at first he rejected it. but i guess he got used to it. sip by sip, at least he got back some of the salt he lost.we substituted ORS with water.so all the while he drinks only ors.

2. Smecta
Almost all diarrhea preparations in the pharmacies are to be prescribed for children 6 and above. even probiotics are mostly for age 2 and above. now only Smecta, which is actually prepared as powder in sachets can be given to infants.it's supposed to absorb water  into the intestines and bulk up the poop.empty the sachet into 50ml of water and let baby drink. it taste super icky on my opinion, and the first n second time we offered him, he refused. eventually i asked him to stir a spoon in the cup of smecta to mix himself n drink one sip. i guess it was a good trick cuz it worked, and he might have thought its a fun thing to do:)

3. Yogurt and live cultured drinks
I tried Vitagen, Yakult and the yogurt. apparently these cultures stabilizes and normalizes the intestinal florae. now, it may or may not work i dont know, but i realize he didnt purge for quite a while after i gave him yogurt,unlike without it, immediately after eating.im not sure this is a solution or not, perhaps at that time the virus has been mostly eradicated from the lil body.but no harm to try. these worked for Riz.

4. Change the formula milk
This is a tricky one. we just assumed or was trying to rule out lactose intolerence so we switched to a lactose free fm. researched and asked opinions from many people and ended up with Isomil Plus, which is soymilk. however, there are articles saying that soymilk contains a high level of estrogen so i was a bit skeptical on continuing riz on this brand. next in line will be Novalac AD, which is not very easily available anywhere.Riz rejected milk for a little while because he vomitted after drinking one day. now fewh, he's back to drinking milk. and mommy has to figure out which brand is good for him now..does anyone know a good n affordable brand for goats milk? I was recommended Suffy Goats Milk, i guess its an MLM kind. looks promising but yet to try.

5. Nappy rash cream
A must to apply after every wash. on the first night, we made a mistake by putting him to zz in his playpen and missed washing a middle of the night poop. he woke up with quite a nasty rash and since then we put him in between mommy n daddy in bed. I use Bepanthen Nappy Rash Cream. cleared in 2 days. Great stuff.

6. Extreme Hygiene measures

Must must must remember to wash and soap hands right after washing poopoo. some ecoli or other virus or bacteria could have stuck to your hands and may infect others if you touch and prepare their food or any other consumables. its a very nasty bug. being paranoid now, i have become one of those moms who carries around a bottle of hand sanitizer
spray to spray those tiny hands after touching or playing anything at all. hehe. I washed his clothes seperately and use a seperate towel for his bum and his body.

7. Pegaga+Mint drink
Okay this one is just by chance cuz my parents like to blend juices nowadays and riz loves this drink. he likes it cold. I read that mint can actually help with gas, and perhaps could eliminate some of that to lessen the cramps. pegaga well, it heals and does what it does. i just gave him a quarter cup, not too much. mostly for leisure drink and not exactly to treat:)

Because the episodes lasted for 2 weeks plus..we do still go out for outings. mainly to run some errands and send tia to her weekend classes. little Riz needs some air as well, cant be cooped up at home all the time. we go out for shorter durations. however, i will make sure to bring a full bottle of water and keeps on offering him water every now and then.we also choose places which has a proper baby change room so that we can wash his bum. i also bring plenty of diapers and a kain lampin to wipe after washing. so far the Ikea baby room has been great as well as the Empire Shopping Gallery one.
the IKEA baby room. spot tia hehe.

in between stomach cramps:(

All in all, it hurts to see a child as small as riz bearing his tummyache. we were close to getting him admitted for drips. he would wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn bearing the pain while being half awake. we put him in the middle of our bed in between us so we wont miss any purges which would give rise to diaper rash. Alhamduillah it is over now. one of God's way to test us. its difficult when theres nothing much we could do to help him while the virus clears up. no drugs can b given. it's also a lesson to us to be more alert of wht he puts in his mouth. honestly of course i blame myself for this. so i hope it wont happen again. til then, cheers:)

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