Monday, May 4, 2015

5 Fast and Easy Snackboxes to Prepare for your Prechoolers.


I joined this bento group of mommies in facebook. these mommies took a lot of effort decorating their kids' school lunches. i wonder what time they wake up in the morning. perhaps when my kids are bigger i may have to wake up a bit earlier to cook stuff like nasi or mihun goreng to pack up for them to bring to school. 

However, unfortunately this mommy is not a morning person.. so i grab whatever is the fastest but not so cincai to put in tia's snackbox to bring to her kindy everyday. i usually prepare these snackboxes in 5 min tops. hehe. tia's snackbox has two spaces so its two type of snacks everyday.

So here's my list of snacks which can be prepared fast for busy mommies or non morning mommies just like me:P 

1. Fried fish tempura nugget and edamame 
- chicken nuggets or those alphabet nuggets will do too. however i prefer tempura nuggets because apparently the other nuggets are processed foods. a lot of salt n less healthy. i do give it to her but as convinient as it gets..only once in a blue moon. edamame is fine. its as healthy as can be:)

2. Edamame and grapes
-these are so easy. plonk some beans in hot water and pick out some grapes n ure done. tia loves her edamame unpeeled so she could squeeze the beans out on her own.

3. Sandwich bites and scrambled eggs
- i buy these cute bunny shaped moulds from Mr DIY. cheap n cute! i also got some small hearts n stars cookie cutters from Daiso to make these. i usually trace these out from 2 slices of bread. jam, peanut butter, kaya or cheese in between.

4.Sausage rolls and cereal
-you have your white bread, slap on some butter, layer a piece of cheese, put hotdog n roll. cut into cute bite sized pieces. tia loves it. however, do take note that sausages n cocktails are processed meat n carries a high content of salt so i only make this once in awhile.

5. Steamed cupcakes
Cupcakes n muffins are generally sweet. i dont favor them until i discovered these from Sun Moulin Bakery, Isetan KLCC. they are gorgeous! so puffy, theyre steamed so they are super soft, and are not really sweet. sometimes i took the effort to pay a trip to this bakery to buy these for tia to bring to school and for riz's breakfast. they last for 3 days and costs rm3.50 for a pack of 3, 3 different flavours-vanilla, strawberry, chocolate.

6.  Goldfish Crackers
My kids love this. I usually buy from Jaya Grocers, priced at rm11. there are many flavours such as chocolate and cupcake flavored but i usually buy original. the size is just nice for little fingers to pick and eat:)

I hope the list above helped to give you some ideas for fast preparation of ur preschooler's snackbox. there are 5 in the list that u can rotate everyday. alright, til next post! 


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