Sunday, May 31, 2015

DIY Pretend Mess Free Makeup for little girls! - A tutorial

Tia is like a 3year old going on 18 nowadays..she has been eyeing my makeup bag for quite some time now. whenever i had to put makeup on for wedding or a night out with hubby she would watch and ask for some red lipstick. i wont let my kids use makeup this young unless she's performing onstage. i just let her swatch a lil bit off my lip to spread it on hers.hehe. must remember to put my makeup tools high up and away from her. and riz who will be following whatever kakak does:')

I'm not sure how i came across tutorials of diy pretend makeup for kids but there are a few on pinterest and i have all the items with me so i decide to try. 

There are 2 methods basically, and the first one is an idea which popped into my head.

1. Using mod podge

You will need:
-mod podge
- old makeup compacts or cheap ones that you can buy from daiso or mr diy
-glitter (if you want glitter on the eyeshadow or blusher)

First and formost, just pour some mod podge on your eyeshadow pot and spread it with a sponge or brush or fingers like so:

Pour some glitter if you'd like the eyeshadow to be glittery and spread evenly with the sponge:

Mod podge is white in colour but turns transparent as it dries. this is like the best creation ever okay, its caled magic glue! it does everything. in this case it basically seals the makeup underneath and locks up the powder and the messiness.

So, take your makeup compacts and pots out to dry:)
I have so many expired makeup from my dancing days that i had so much fun sealing them all up and passing them to tia! i even tried dipping the lipstick into mod podge and let dry. 

The tutorials on pinterest are all made in cold countries and they said the mod podge will take around 1 week to fix and dry completely. however in our hot days Malaysia helps the makeup to dry faster. so all this humid sweaty weather is worth it after all!

Here's the end product:
Look at that shimmer! it was a blusher before and i sprinkled some fine glitter on it. best kan?!

2. Nail polish
This is the first method i tried to make pretend makeup. however, this would cost a bit more cuz you would need to buy all the colours of nail polish, and the cheapest out there is 2 for rm10. it dries pretty darn slow too and tia keeps on asking if is it ready yet mommmm? every 2 mins or so.

Basically you just scratch out all the eyeshadow or blusher or powder from the compact, wash and dry it, then pour nail polish on, then set it to dry.

Apparently it will take about 3 days to dry because the amount of nail polish is a lot. the colours will also shrink upon drying. and the process isnt very healthy because the stench of nail polish in the air as it dries, oh my.

anyway what's nice about this method is it gives such beautiful vibrant colours. and you can get creative by making swirls like the peach one i made too!

And that's how you make pretend makeup which are mess free for your diva daughters:) i thought tia might not appreciate because its not real but she seems to be enjoying it:)

it's really totally up to you mommies to try..we're not teaching our kids to be vain by doing this, for me. it stimulates is good for learning. why else would they sell play makeup in the market right?

So do try this! i was seriously considering those gorgeous pretty ones from hehe but you knowlah..sahm must act like one. kena save duit, harusla diy semua:)

good luck mommies!

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