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Travelling with 2 Toddlers- Legoland Hotel, Johor Bahru

When we first got to Legoland, our main aim is to check out the most talked about Legoland Malaysia Resort. The reviews we read all say that the theme park requires a certain height to be able to enjoy the attractions and rides and true enough, out of 20 attractions, tia was only qualified for like, 3 or 4. Riz? qualified for none.

It is true that the resort was indeed an interesting one. We booked online, each night costing us RM520 and we booked for 2 nights. It was a KIDS GO FOR FREE promo at the time and we added in a combo 2 day theme park tickets which costs us an additional RM390. the total is a lot...but lets just say despite all that, its the family time that we are focusing at the moment. we went on a weekday so that there were lesser people and lesser queue.
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There are 3 themed rooms; Kingdom, Pirate, and Adventure themed. we chose Pirate. Design wise we were in awe. we were on Lego overdose! everything is made out of lego bricks. As we walked in the entrance, a huge lego castle and pirate ship greeted us, with children scurrying about excitedly with their lego creations. the whole area was a lego building play area. The lego pieces are really small so we had to keep on a lookout just in case riz decided to swallow a piece. There's another play area with Lego Duplo where its more toddler friendly though, but Riz likes to hangout where his kakak does.

First thing i realized at the reception counter when we walked in
reception counters
the playarea with pools of lego bricks

A lounge area for families to rest. they also provide games for the kids to play. just give the person in charge your room number to rent a game.

The playarea near Bricks restaurant...more suitable for smaller kids because there were duplo legos n these huge bricks that these kids are using to build their fort:D

What was not very cool was the check in time, which was 4pm. checkout 11am. well most hotels are check in 2pm n checkout 12pm...their timing's a lot of difference. we had to park our bags at the baggage station with everyone else, went to the theme park and come back at 4pm to check in our room.

The elevators are crazy cool. the lights dimmed when u walk in and the whole elevator turns into a disco.complete with disco lights. and some dance music turned on too as u ride on to your floor. the kids were amazed.

We only took the standard themed room, but it was good enough and decorated nicely.the room can fit up to 5 persons, mom n dad in one room, and 3 kids in the other, on a bunk bed.everything was still very new and we enjoyed that! we asked for a playpen for riz and got a brand new possibly unused playpen. Mothercare brand. niice. he slept very well in it that night. there's a mini treasure hunt game set in the room which brought us to a safety box with some treasures in it...we got 3 lego people keychain yeay:) In the wardrobe there was a box of duplo lego for the kids to play with in the room. The housekeeping will take the box every morning to er...maybe count for missing pieces. hehe.

Tia was supposed to sleep in the other room but i guess she was still to scared to sleep on her own so she ended up in mommy and daddy's bed, smack in the middle. hah:D

pirate themed master bedroom
The dresser
The kids bunk bed. lovin the wall;)
Own tv and puzzle cubes underneath
The carpet. big octopus swimmin' on the floor!
Lego spider in the bathroom

The hotel is as kid n toddler friendly as it gets (except for the small lego bits in the play area out front) but on the overall it was great. Occasionally Lego people will come out and mingle with the kids. Sometimes a princess roams the hotel grounds to meet and greet the kids.

There are 2 restaurants in the Hotel, one called Bricks, where the breakfast buffet is also held. The other one is an Italian restaurant called Di Mattoni Restaurant. We had dinner there on the first night. The wallpapers make the restaurant look like its been built from lego. They had cute baby chairs for the kids and also provide kid cutleries. The pastas are nice too. Riz especially enjoyed the Aglio Olio. from then on we know what to order for him the next time we are at an Italian or fusion restaurant! Tia and Riz were in their pajamas..haha i know, we have this habit of dressing them up in pajamas when we go out at night so that they can sleep straightaway on the way back or right away when we get home. In this case though..we just wanted them to be comfortable:D

Breakfast spread was a lot! I forgot to take pics of the buffet table. but do know that it was good. it was pretty crowded although we went on weekdays.

Other than these two restaurants.....cheaper food can be found opposite the entrance of the Legoland Theme Park. There was Chicken Rice Shop, a Johorean restaurant, a Thai Restaurant, Ice cream and a few others.

The hotel does have a swimming pool on the topmost floor but under-utilized because most people would just go to the water park for a fun splashy time. That's just about it...the theme park and water park is only a few steps away from the hotel. All in all, i can say it was quite worth the money especially when the kids can go down at anytime to play with legos. the themed bedrooms and corridors are fascinating as well..a tad expensive, but it serves its purpose. go and give it a try;) 


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