Thursday, May 14, 2015

Travelling with 2 Toddlers to Johor Bahru : Angry Birds Activity Park

Hey all:)

I have been meaning to blog about so many things but i never got around to it. when i was working last time, i could blog during lunch hours. now? every single minute counts until the children are asleep. even so, i would either have to catch up to my tutu orders or iron my evergrowing and neverending laundry pile. but tonight the kids are down early and i guess i'll try to make some time to blog. i miss blogging!

Last 2 months we had our very first trip together as a family of 4. not overseas, just Johor Bahru. We wanted to check out Legoland and i think Tia and Riz are at just about an okay age to go for it so we went for it:) We took a flight there, because we didnt want the kids to be restless in the long 4 hour drive and uh, part of it because i kinda have this fear of long distance car rides since my turnturtle accident back in 2009. i also have a fear of flying since the two MH incidents but then who doesn't? but that's another story.

It was just 3 nights in JB, husband planned it to be a 3 day family fun vacation. We checked in near the Angry Bird Activity Park, Komtar JBCC on the first night and the other 2 nights in Legoland hotel.

The first hotel we checked in was AmanSari Hotel City Centre. It is right opposite Komtar JBCC. nothing luxurious, just a place to spend a short 1 night in. it's rated 3 stars, but we were amazed and very satisfied with the room. the corridors and the lobby looked a bit rundown but the room was great. 1 kind sized bed and a single bed in a corner (which tia claimed was hers but ended up sharing the bed with daddy the whole night), nice bathroom. thats all it matters. However, it was pretty inconvenient to cross the road to JBCC. traffic was bad and we had to push the twin stroller. ended up folding the stroller, climb pedestrian bridge to City Square Mall and walk next door to komtar jbcc. a lotta effort.

The Angry Bird Park was awesome though. expensive at RM60 each on a weekday.We paid for 3 persons except riz. It's operating hours are from 10am-10pm. The Attractions were really something. The park is divided into 4 zones: Utopia, Classic, South Beach and Danger Zone. South beach was where all the light games are at so that was where Riz practically hangs out the entire time. 

RJ in the ball pit eating balls

RJ chewing the Y Bike handle. teething methinks!

Happily drinking from kakak's bottle

There were a lot of trampolines i remember, looks like a mini Jump Street Trampoline Park. They have this foam pit to jump in, a slack line to balance on. a scooter track, go kart track, and a lot of slides..all in one place! it was really huge and nothing i have seen in KL. We spent just a couple of hours there but was well worth it. 
The trampoline was our favourite!

Helping Riz with his forward rolls


Unlike Kizsports though, they don't have a cafe in there. well u can go out for lunch or dinner and come back but we had dinner at the KFC next door before going in cuz it was already late when we get there.

There's nothing much to say, its pretty straight forward. The attractions are superb BUT perhaps the kids can enjoy it better if they are age 6 and above. then the ticket price will be worth it. oh and one more advise, do not go on the winding slides with your toddler! daddy Radzli got a terrible scrape burn on his elbow because he grazed the slide all the way down. ouch. i grazed a bit too, but maybe cuz i was lighter it wasnt very bad for me. haha. the kids are okay, they had fun playing with things that they it was quite worth a visit. Will blog about Legoland in part 2:) til then!

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