Thursday, May 21, 2015

Update on Tia (3.5 years old) and Riz (1.5 years old)

I love to refer to my kids as TJ and RJ now. I don't know why. by the way it has been ages since their last milestones update. without these, the blog does get kind of boring.

Little TJ. she is now 3 years 6 months. 3 and a half. a Threenager! sometimes she is as sweet as candy, sometimes she threw a fit wanting her wishes to be granted. but it is okay, because it means that she is normal:) 

Her current loves are:
- Singing - at the top of her lungs..anywhere, anytime. in the car, when she gets bored at home, sometimes in her gym class. this one is really a singer. hehe. dancing u may wonder? not much. ok so we are different that way. hehe. she would stand in front of the mirror singing, complete with hand gestures and face expressions...reminds me of broadway sometimes. sometimes i get so pening i had to rely on screentime for some quietness...but then again she will still sing together with the videos she's watching. hehe

- Nail polish- "mommy, can u paint my nails?" x 10 times a day. I have never brought her to the nail salon just yet, although i am sure she will love it. but i did buy her those kiddy non toxic nail polish which washes off with water. so everytime after she washes her hands, she will go "mommyy can u paint my nails agaaain?" 

-Make up - She is all things girly, i have never bought her play makeup before, and i dont use much of makeup but she watches me line my eyes, and put on my occasionally red lipstick and she'll go...can i have some lipstick please? my stand makeup til 17 years old, unless u do a performance on stage. so i let her take a swatch of lipstick from my lips with her little finger and put it on her lips. hehehe

-Daddy - both TJ and RJ's favourite person. they miss him very much everyday and they will try to stay up late whenever he's home.

- Costumes - sometimes i had to hide her elsa, anna, sleeping beauty tutu dress and pinkie pie tutu dress because once she had them on, she wont take them off and would wear to sleep. can u imagine her in all that tulle in bed? lol

These are just a few, but i can see her individuality coming out. she mixes around pretty well with kids her age and even older kids. she screams and squeals when she's happily playing (omg >.<), i let her choose her own clothes everyday. oh and she can read complete Al-Fatihah.and doa makan la, like everybody else. yes, we are balanced that way :) bahasa melayu not very fluent, so thats a problem we need to address to, sometimes. i realize that we talk to her with out inner language..u know, one which we speak to ourselves to? (or is it just me?) and i speak to my inner self in english. so camne? tak tauuu.

Riz Johann.
RJ is now 1 year 6 months. to both of us, he is our every version of adorable. curious, like any other 1 yr old, physically active, in fact crazy active. he will climb at any chance, and run at any chance. bringing him to the playground is an exercise for us. he will just GO. i mean like...climb the steps, go down the slides, into the tunnels..go down slides means run down the slides pulak tu. talk about giving us parents the adrenalines! In gym and swim class,they call him fearless. he does everything with confidence...but without much caution unfortunately. so he's quite vulnerable to accidents. must keep more than an eye on him at all times. I dont dare take both of them out just yet, because Riz needs extra pairs of eyes to look after him or he'll dash somewhere. n of course if i do that, i'm scared i will lose tia in the mall. Nauzubillah. so at the moment, bring one out one at a time.

Tantrums. oh my. this one is one noticeable difference from tia. RJ knows what he wants and he must gets it. take away the ipad, and he'll bang his head on the floor in frustration. he will wail and cry, and ysterday..he angrily crawls, yup, crawls out of the room. lol. funny but....probably something not to be laughed at and rectified. i try not to give in when i say no...and try to keep in mind that toddlers do tend to dominate no means no. but at the same time..must make sure to support his head when he's angry kot2 la he hits it too hard or something. heh.

He adores his sister. he will wake up every morning with a first word - "kakak?" he will climb on to her bed and give her a hug. once, i put them both to bed, with me in the middle. after they fell asleep, i went downstairs to do chores. when i came back up, adik was sleeping next to big sister. he'll rest his head on her tummy or put his cheek on hers. and then, kakak will push or kick him away. oh well.

He can say a few words, and i dont really care if it means slow or a fast talker. he can say bus, car, bear, ball, robot, truck, daddy, kakak, sit, see, and a couple other words. mommy not yet. haha. perhaps he's taking his own sweet time cuz mommy isnt goin no where. i'm not going anywhere sayang, i'll take care if both of u myself for as long as i can.

Feeding. occasionally but not consistently i tried teaching him self feeding. he's quite okay at it. only sometimes i dont prefer the mess. if he's really hungry he eats by himself really well. bringing him to mamak for breakfast is such a breeze cuz he eats everything - apom, roti canai, thosai, puri. with the dippings too!

So those are few bits and pieces of our little ones. life has been a blessing with them around...exhausting but blessed. they also grow up way too fast..i wish they'd stay small and cute for a longer time (minus the lecehness n tantrums hehe) but i guess its alright...grow, my little ones! grow into strong, healthy, successful and multitalented people!insyaAllah.

til next update! xx


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  1. Aleena sebiji tia. Naik polish make ups costumes. Hahahaaha aleena gila dancing. Ayoo pening kepala tgk gedik weh


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