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Avillion Port Dickson for Fathers Day Staycation and Buka Puasa

Last weekend, daddy decided to bring us all back to his hometown, Port Dickson since it was one of the rare weekends that he's not working. he took leave on monday as well so we spent 1 night at Oni and Atok's house and then another 1 night at Avillion Hotel. It was also a Fathers day weekend so it was great to spend time with the family. It's the puasa month though, but that didn't stop us from a little short vacation:)

We checked into this hotel twice already, once during Mothers Day last month. it was enjoyable and kids friendly so we decided to stay a second time..and also because Avillion has this nice "Buka Puasa on Us" package. We have stayed at the water chalet before, so we picked out the Garden Chalet this time. Our room costs us RM368 a night, which includes a Buka Puasa feast by the beach. yeay!

Here's our little Superhero walking towards our chalet. So many trees here. the garden chalet are the ones on the left.

There was a four poster king sized bed and a single sized pangkin which was where Tia and Riz slept. It's actually quite amazing that they could sleep through the night there. hm maybe they were tired from the activities around the hotel.

Here's the huge bathroom area. shower on the left , toilet on the right. bathtub in the middle which the kids love to climb in and out.

AviSpa toiletries.
The Bathtub. the tiles around the chalet bathroom actually looked a little old.

The view from our room:)

Drink milk first on their pangkin bed..

One shot before we take the kids for a swim!

The tide was low that day so the sea seemed soo far away. The beach felt muddy but we walked out as far as the shore goes anyway. What i noticed about this beach are the hermit crabs, snails and crabs. there are so many of them! i havent seen them like it before. and they are all moving even when humans are around. not hiding in their shells.

There are two beaches on each side of the hotel. we went to the one nearest to our chalet and its called Riau Beach.

See that? those black cone like stuff that littered the sand were all hermit crabs.

Between Tia and Riz, one is a water baby and the other a beach bum. Tia just likes to come to the beach to play sand. she's not a big fan of the water, and most of the time scared of it. Riz on the other hand, loves water in any sort! he ran around and loves the feel of sand underneath his feet. i like how it's like a whole sensory experience for them both.

Tia's main agenda was for us to bury her legs in the sand and just sit there, chillaxing.

Riz's agenda was to explore around, and he found a dead crab...squished it to pieces. uh oh.

Shallow waters to splash in.

P/S I don't dress my kids in swimming trunks and swimsuit much anymore because kids skin is sensitive to the sun and those bikinis and monokinis are not very practical for this reason. oh and for decency of course, just in case some weirdo pedophile is reading this blog. heh

After the walk and splash at the beach, we went to the pool for a dip. There are actually 2 pools at the Avillion hotel. one general one where everyone can go in, a wading pool for the kids with a slide, and another pool only for adults. The slide was awesome and all but I find it a bit annoying that they set a weight limit of 20kg. i wonder if its true or made up. Tia wont go on it alone. i just accompanied her up the stairs and the lifeguards were already on their toes to tell me "hepp, no adults" *roll eyes*, i know i know, i saw the sign.

 The view from the pool is undeniable spectacular.

The slide going into kids pool. I took these pics during our first visit, which was a weekday, and there were no crowd. peaceful!

Oh and one more thing. I wore a rash guard to swim in (you know, trying to be decent so i'll feel comfortable and cuz it's my husband's hometown and all) and the lifeguards warned me "maam, you need proper swimming attire".I told them this is for swimming. he said no, its jersey material. i sarcastically ask him "so, you wanna have a touch and feel? no? call the manager here." Honestly, that pissed me off. ok fine, my rash guard isnt black or blue like the normal one. its checkered red and white. but still, before warning people, they should actually study up on how proper swimming attire looks like. in my mind i was just thinking perhaps these people wanna see more bikinis and yang sewaktu dengannya. by the way, second time swimming, i malas nak gaduh so i wore a tankini. whateverr.

After swimming, we prepped the kids for the buka puasa. they looked pretty tired at that point, and we were pretty nervous that they will create a scene at dinner. we even have a backup plan, to put the kids to bed and take turns eating and things like that. LUCKILY the kids behaved pretty well, a bit restless but alhamdulillah, very well:)

The tent of which the buffet is held. smack on the beach, in a transparent tent so you can see the stars, with fairy lights and lantern. oh its almost like my dream wedding! my wedding was also held with a nice sea view...but away from sandddd. but its ok, close enough!:)

Table setting.

Because the tables are all set in the sand, everyone took off their shoes and walk around barefooted:) this is something tia enjoyed as well. she wanted to follow every one of us who wanted to take our food from the buffet spread so she could walk around barefooted in the sand. haha

My favourite grilled lamb woot!

The buffet spread served in claypots.

One of the stalls which was part of the buffet.

Us with our then cranky babies. time to go back to the room!

 Group photo before we leave.

The kids slept soundly that night. However, i woke up because some mosquitoes are having a feast on my blood. motherly instincts kicked in..i switched on the sidetable lamp and sprayed the kids with mosquito repellant. hey it worked, none of them got a single bite next morning. however, my actions made Riz woke up at 5.30am. aiya. sorry hubby! oh btw, do check the drawers for an electrical mosquito repellant before sleeping kay! cuz i discovered that only the next morning. duh

Next morning was beach and swimming again. oh and to the Petting Zoo which belongs to the hotel. it is open from 10am-11am for feeding time, so kids can go in to feed rabbits, chickens, peacocks, terrapins, and pigeons. on Wednesdays i think, they let the kids bathe the pets. cool stuff.

On the way to the petting zoo, you could see birds and peacocks showing off their majestic tails.

 Tia was amused by the doves feeding from my hands. hehe
Riz was having fun feeding and poking the rabbits.

After petting zoo, we packed up our bags and get ready for check out. we walked around a bit and stopped by the Kids Cabin, which is a special play area for the kids. there were blocks, legos, playstations...and the kids can do sand art and paint their nails for RM10-20. The kids played at the little playground as well.

Family pic at the Riau Deck.
"Ooooo check out the whale kakak!"

So that was how we spent our short 1 night staycation at Avillion Hotel, Port Dickson. for us, it was worth the stay. me like! and the kids enjoyed it. here are some pics i snapped from our previous stay at the water chalet for those who wanted to stay there.

The pangkin was bigger at the water chalet

Ordered a cot bed but ended up empty cuz riz wanted to sleep with kakak.

Koi Fishes outside the hotel

Batman says Hi!

The outdoor bathroom. thats how it looks like while showering and looking up. hehe

A cuppa coffee with my BFF:)
And last but not least,

Till we meet again Avillion PD!


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