Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day.

Dear Daddy Radzli,

That quote by William Shakespeare is a perfect definition of you. You work a lot. you see the kids only on alternate days because you work til nighttime when they are all cosy in their beds on alternate days. They miss you, they do. They will cling to you like they haven't seen you for ages and as if you'll be gone soon. but you know them like no other. Thank you for tending to them every night when they wake up from nightmares, or for a cuddle. Thank you for for being the patient one who they will remember til they grow up. Thank you for saving them during the days when mommy's driven up to the edge. Thank you for those time outs you gave me when i needed it, and taking the kids off my hands.

My theory is, even though a father is not around a lot, and yet the kids still clamber and velcro on to him when he gets means that he's doing it all right. when he gets home, the kids don't want anybody else to care for them including me. so he has to do everything from bathing them up to putting them to sleep. and he does it perfectly. well i do help during feeding time haha. but other than that, everything is perfect. In my husband, i see a lot more kindness, and patience which i have not observed much in my childhood.. and someone you can talk to instead of having to wait til mommy is around. Theres a bit of a problem with disciplining the kids and it means that mommy is always the boring and the bad cop when daddy's supposed to do it, but i guess there would be a reason why God created him that way for the kids. it means that he is best at what he does as a daddy. at least, for all of us in our little family.

Happy Fathers Day to you, may Allah always bless and protect you, and lend you to us for the longest of time. forever. We love you very much:)

Mommy, Tia, and Riz

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