Thursday, June 18, 2015

Little BU non-toxic nail polish for kids

Recently, our Tiana Jezmine has been displaying what i'd like to call the "big girl behavior". she's into a lot of vanity stuff like make up and nail polish. and she can sit still and wait for me to braid her hair according to youtube tutorials.

I am kinda glad that i didn't go the length of buying toy makeup cuz little miss was obsessed with it for precisely only 1week of her school holidays. other than that.. walking in on tia and Mr Riz (yes, that little mister) applying imaginary makeup on their faces using real makeup brushes doesnt feel very right :') Now that the makeup kit has been chucked away, she demands for manicures every single day.

I've been collecting these bottles of non toxic nail polish since a while back, i think since last year. I remember when i was around 5, my mom bought me a kind of play nail polish from Isetan in lot10. i really liked it. you just need to peel it off to remove the colour. no need for a proper remover. they mustve stopped the production cuz i cant find it anywhere now. After much googling, i found that the only brand available in Malaysia is little BU, which is made in France and Mothercare just brought it in, coincidentally while i was making my research on where to buy non toxic nail polishes for kids. so off i went to collect a bottle or two everytime mothercare has a sale.usually they're retailed at RM39.90 but during sale they're 20% off and you get an extra 10% if you buy on the first 3 days of sale.

Little BU nail polish are specially designed for kids. they are claimed to be non-toxic, odourless, and water based. true enough, they don't have that icky pungent chemical smell a regular nail polish has upon applying. because its a water based formula,it can be removed by washing off or peeling off. it dries off pretty fast too.

Tia's Little BU collection

The shades and colours available are lovely. some has a pearly effect, some glittery, some come in solid funky colours. my favorite is a glittery pink one. now the downside of it is it washes off everytime tia washes her hands. Well, it is  a good thing, because its a relief that no bits of nail polish goes in her mouth when she eats with her fingers. What's not so nice though, is that you're gonna have your little girl asking "will you paint my nails again?" after each hand washing session.

Here's a tip. get the top coat! (the white bottle in pic above). so you apply 2 layers of nail polish, let dry and then apply a top coat. This will apparently fix the colour so it withstands more washes and can last a couple of days although on the 3rd day or so a lot of the nail polish has chipped off. Tia's quite okay with the chip offs, as long as still got colour, she's happy.

I do notice though that with the top coat on, some parts of the nail polish are still easily washed, but some parts are not washable with water and is difficult to peel off. i had to use the proper nail polish remover. 

For the record, i did try to save up and use some adult nail polish on her so it lasts longer as well, but then i feel really bad because of those harmful chemicals and the smell of it. i just cant imagine her swallowing those chipped off toxic pieces when she puts her finger in her mouth. so i decided to spend a bit more for non toxic ones. i consider myself not spoiling her or teaching her bimbo stuff. my intentions are just for her to embrace her girly instincts *wink*. to me it's normal for girls to be attracted to makeup. i just have to make sure that she doesnt wear real makeup til she's 17 or so.

Hope this helps any mommies who researches about non toxic nail polishes sold in Malaysia.
Til next review:)



  1. Hi where else can I find besides in Mothercare? They dont have stock :(

  2. Hi where else can I find besides in Mothercare? They dont have stock :(

  3. Hi... my daughter keep asking me to buy nail polish for her... checked in mothercare n they dont have stock... anywhere else can get? Pls let me know. Thxz


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