Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oh be jealous, SAHM is such a relaxing job:P

"I wish i'm a housewife staying at home and cooks, sew, read, then repeat"

When i come across this kind of statuses on facebook, i get a little bit irritated. i dont know if i speak for all sahms because come on lady, it is a whole lot more than that- chillaxing, happily sewing, cooking for the family, and then repeat. like we have not much purpose of living, not contributing to the society or something like that.

I had a little scan through when i read this status of fb: cook, yes, everyday..otherwise anak nak makan apa? sew? yes, its a hobby, but when u stay at home you dont do it for hobby. u need that extra money that u can make from it, or u wanna save some money on kids clothes that u sew everything urself.not very much for leisure in the end. reading? yeah. i blog. i blog halfway then it goes into draft.a quarterway then back into draft. after 10 days or so will i get a post.

So yeah, stay at home wife isnt all that easy, and i recommend to anyone who thinks we chillax when we stay at home, to try it. it's not for the faint hearted and for those who remarks "i respect all sahm cuz i think i would go crazy duduk rumah jaga anak 24hrs". i do go crazy once in awhile, i feel guilty that my kids get to witness that sometimes, and i regret that my parents sometimes have the impression that i am a horrible momma. but like i say before, people dont just go crazy if their jobs are the relaxing kind, u see?

Just some thoughts for today. hugs to my fellow SAHMs. take a deep breath, and lets get through today.



  1. I have people telling me "omg, u are so lucky you get to stay home all day and we have to work". Hello, I may be home all day but I am "working" too. It's a constant struggle for me. But still, I wouldn't have it any other way. At least I get to nap in the afternoon when my kids are napping.

    1. actually me too. there are bad days like these ones right here...but then again everyone would have it too in any kind of job kan.


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