Friday, June 26, 2015

The Sofina 3 Handbag cum Diaperbag

I usually don't change handbags quite often. When I use one bag, that will be it for a long period of time because it can get a little bit tedious transferring important stuff from one bag to another. Since I became a mom, my bags have become bigger and of multi-usage. just like multitasking ol me. hehe.

When you are a first time mom, sure. if you could bring the whole nursery room you would right? i've been there. There were bottles and thermos and snacks and a change of clothes and diapers. There are some moms too, who carries a handbag which is seperate from the diaper bag. so that's two bags at a time. one for the stroller, maid or husband to carry and one dainty one for the mom. but i dont have much help at the moment, and i really cannot stand the sight of my husband carrying a girly flowery diaperbag or even worse, a i stuff everything in one multipurpose bag, and i pack light.

Recently, i purchased this Sofina 3 bag from It was designed by Vivy Yusof and i thought it looked good on her in instagram. it's affordable as well, and apparently a lotta pockets and space to fit in the essentials. So here it is;

It is quite an impressive bag for the price of RM179. The material is a leather looking like PVC which is not easily scratched so far..and i love the little studs on the shoulder strap. There are 2 straps, a long one that can be carried as a sling bag and this studded one which i use on the shoulder.

I am actually delighted with the space in the bag. on the left there are 3 pockets - 2 zippered one and a normal one. i put the diapers and wipes in the big pocket, and my random lady stuff in the other two. on the right there are 2 pockets which i usually keep riz's bib and a mosquito repellant.

Other usual stuff for the kids are like snack boxes (can actually fit two in there) and water bottles. sometimes i have to carry 2 water bottles for each kid. so that's what i basically need for outings with my 2 toddlers.

I have now became smarter haha as in....stuff like milk bottle and thermos as well as a change of clothes i will leave in the car. plus riz doesnt need milk much anymore if there are snacks. yup, things are definitely getting a lot easier, only it is compulsory to have snacks in hand to prevent crankiness.

This bag is nice. stylo on the outside. i like how it is kind of like a disguised diaper bag. the quality is satisfying, zips, fabric and leather all good. perhaps one of the cons is just the weight. this bag is pretty heavy on its own, plus all the stuff does hurt your shoulder.

That's all on my diaper, er, handbag! til next post:)

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