Friday, July 24, 2015

ABC Pasta Soup Day for the Kids

Its pasta day today:)

Something kinda obvious happened during the raya holidays...Riz has changed from a baby who would eat anything under the sun to one who picks and chooses his food! argh the horror. Tia was exactly like that too last time and she's still picky now. she now notices hidden vege in her food and will never drink anything else except plain cold water, will not try alien looking food.

Riz on the other hand, maybe got a lil bit bored with rice..and prefers noodles in any kind as well as pasta. Tia has no compaints too. When it comes to pasta..I love this brand called PastaZara. They're like the only brand with cute fun shapes and affordable that I've found so far.

PastaZARA comes in many shapes and themes that are attractive to toddlers and kids- Teddy bears, Looney Tunes, Transportations, Alphabets, and Bows which are not too big. The sizes of pasta are just nice for the little mouths:)

I got these from a supermarket near my house. Sometimes I've seen this brand in Ben's Grocers Publika and sometimes Tesco has it too. but most of the time they run out of stock. so whenever I see any of these shapes available i always buy 2-3 packets at a time. RM5.90 each, depends on where you buy it from.

Today I'm making ABC soup using the Alphabets Semolina. first time! I don't usually use tiny pastas like these but I think the size is just nice so i went ahead. not complicated really, I just soaked these according to the cooking instructions on the packet and cooked some chicken soup.then serve. Tia had 2 bowls of it woohoo.

Uncooked Alphabets.

After cooking. thats 3 tablespoons of pasta from the packet.

And that's TJ having her lunch after school (of course she wouldnt eat a whole meal in school *shrugs*)

Ok, Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. hai sabrina... tq share pasal pasta ni... comel sangat2... memang tengah mencari pasta macam ni untuk anak i.

    1. no prob! hehe. anak2 i pun suke pasta. yg abc tu paling best. try la cari kat tesco kot kadang2 ade.kdg2 xde stock plak


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