Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Germs Everywhere..

Tia is sick. And we're talking about 39-41 degrees celsius kind of fever:( We took the kids to Aeon Setiawangsa last weekend. I think she got it from there. we were between the kite park in Kepong or Aeon. I really wish we chose the latter. even though a lot of people..there's a lot of space and open air. Aeon AU2 Setiawangsa had 3 giant bouncy castles in the foyer and some art and crafts for the kids that we decided to check out and when we reached I was shocked to see almost 40-50 kids in one area. 

There were at least 20 kids on the main bouncy castle, big and small. I hesitated but the kids were already excited. so we went in. Prayed hard that riz wont catch anything since he still puts his fingers in his mouth when he doesnt have his pacifier. he had diarrhea before and it was a nightmare. i literally became a mom who carried wet wipes everywhere after that.

Dah nak jadi, lupa nak lap tangan diorg lepas main. arghh. and they were eating snacks within the playarea. argh. how can we be so careless.......esoknya tia terus demam, the following day demam got worse. 

As i'm typing now, I just put her to sleep and she's still at 40.1C. She wont let me put in a suppository, wont eat the pasta soup i made, wont drink much water, won't drink milk because she vomited milk this morning. she was in bed almost the whole day. what do i do? what would you do? her daddy's doing locum at the clinic tonight. he would be the first person that would make her happy right now..if only.

You know, as annoying as it was, I miss her crazy singing and running around the house. sigh.

I still don't know what kind of infection she contracted until we take a blood test. what if it's something more than cough and cold? how many kids in there were not vaccinated? how dirty was that place? 

I think Aeon AU2 Setiawangsa should reinforce the hygiene of a children play area, if not the hygiene..set a limit of the amount of children in the playarea to minimise infection. and not for the sake of collecting money. nak masuk sorang dah RM15. even baby pun RM15. thats RM30. pastu tia nak buat window art, +RM8. nak buat sand art, +RM4. banyak untung ni diorg at the end of the day. I wonder how many kids fall sick upon returning home.

It's our fault as well. dah tau ramai, masuk jugak. ventilation tak elok semua. next time, only open air, lesser kids, or better hygiene places like jkids or kizsports. at least selalu nampak diorg spray disinfectant. i'm actually very disappointed in ourselves. how can we not have known? uwaa.

Syafakillah, Tiana Jezmine. Fast recovery kay girly. mommy wanna hear you sing, dance and run again...

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