Sunday, July 26, 2015

Greenhouse by Muir - Cake Treat for little Tia

The other day, whilst still in the Raya holidays...I decided to check out this new eatery in town, right beside Gleneagles Hospital on Jalan Ampang. I've read about this place in an article before and was excited to check it out because it's just like 8 minutes from home. Tia was bored and her daddy went back to work so I brought her along with me for a cake treat. Riz was too handful so I pujuked the grandparents to keep an eye on him for just a little while:)

Greenhouse by Muir is the name of the place. The ground floor consists of a cafe (Evendough Cafe), a marketplace (Kuroshio Market) and a bakery (Evendough Bakery). The 2nd floor will only be opened in August, which will be contemporary dining. It's all Japanese and where there's Japanese food, you can find me :))

Apparently parking is not that convenient especially on peak hours like lunch, but when we were there it was almost deserted because everyone was off celebrating raya I guess, so there was plenty of parking.

Opening Hours if anyone's wondering:

Upon walking in, the cafe counter is on your right, with lotsa tempting dessert display. Tia quickly pointed to the chocolate tart with salted caramel. gulp. 

Next to Evendough cafe was a map of the ground floor. And a guide on how to shop:)

I was craving for sushi and they have pre-packed sushi at the cold section. hidden at the back near the glass window. Price range are somewhat like Isetan KLCC. rm6 for a simple 6pc maki and can go up to RM20 a pack for fancy ones with Unagi.

This is the hot section. For a bowl of rice, soup and vege it's RM6+ then you choose your lauks for an additional price. From a glimpse I saw Unagi, Teriyakis, Pregnant fish, Tempuras.

Here's the Evendough Bakery. They have samples of bread and i find the flavors amusing such as Chocolate cake in bread, Seaweed and Cheese chunks in bread. They actually taste pretty alright. And also other regulars such as the Baguette and Multigrain breads. 

Off we went to pay for the sushi and I grabbed a bowl of miso soup from the hot section. oh and mineral water cuz tia was having such a chocolatey cake!

There was a long canteen like table indoors which doesn't offer that much privacy similar to Ikea food court. You can also dine outside al fresco style. We chose a table outside. oh don't forget to grab wasabi and soyasauce and chopsticks from a counter near the glass door.

My Avocado Maki yumm

That's the happy girl with her chocolate cake. once in a blue moon je. share with mommy! Ok what happens after we got home with that amount of sugar in her don't wanna know>.< Singing top of the lungs and jumping on the bed and going round and round talking to a pretend person kind of sugar high T_T 

So all in all,  Greenhouse of Muir is a pretty good place to hangout for a Japanese snack, light or late lunch or to share a piece of cake. Go try go try. hehe.

Greenhouse by Muir
Address: 1 Jalan Nipah, Off Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Open daily:
Evendough Café (10am – 10pm)
Evendough Bakery (11am-10pm)
Kuroshio Market (11am-10pm)

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