Sunday, July 19, 2015

Handmade Quiet Book/ Busy Book for Toddlers

I've been working on a quiet book since i first touched the sewing machine. actualy merely to familiarize myself sewing lines and curves with the machine. I looked pinterest up for inspirations and tried out a few designs. now that it's raya and we'll be 'embracing' bad kuala pilah bound traffic, i decided to finish off the stalled project-an 8paged quiet/busy/activity book. Materials i used were felt, satin, and some batting infound in the cupboard. oh and some buttons and velcros.

My end product is a lil bit shabby cuz i don't have right fabric in hand and i rushed through it the night before raya (didnt even have time to make front cover ) but it does serve its purpose haha so here are the pages:

Page 1: pick the apples from the apple tree and place them in the basket. tak sempat jahit butang tip blakang apple and the tree. hehe

Page 2: Colour coordinating and buttoning practice activity- unbutton the fish and put them in the fisherman's net. Colours of fishes match the buttons'.

Page 3 : Buttonhole snake - good practice for buttoning up clothes. i cut many felt shapes of different colours and stuff them in the heart shaped pocket.Tia will then put the shapes through the buttonholes and stake them up.

Page 4-5: more button ons. These are just riz's outgrowned baby clothes! Here she gets to do 2 different buttons- the normal one and the snap ons.

Page 6: Drying i think is to practice pegging. or something like that:P you can hang the little felt clothes to dry on the line using the little pegs and angkat jemuran masuk dalam bakul. the basket is like a pocket to stuff the clothes in.

Page 7: Socks colour sorting.I made a pair of socks of the same colours, 1 piece put in the washing machine and the other outside. take out socks from machine and velcro on the matching pair.

Page 8: Zippy Ladybird - on this page tia can practice zipping up and down (oops she has mastered this even before seeing this one), and velcro the spots on the ladybird. then count the spots.

Thats it! u must be wondering if the activities are too easy peasy for a 3.5yo..but most of the pages were made when she was 2.5yo.hehe. thats how long have i stalled this project! she does spend a long time at the buttonsnake page cuz its her fave page. then can pass this book to probs!

I hang this book in the car in front of their car seats so if anybody's bored they are free to entertain themselves with it:D

So whoever's in a rajin mode jemput2 join buat buku ni k! end product is so colourful that all is worth it;)

Cheers and happy holidays!

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  1. Hi Sabby..pandainya u buat...kalau u open for let me know tau...I xde mesin jahit pn and my sewing skill is horrible haha


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