Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My first TOMS shoes !

Last weekend...I decided to treat myself to a pair of shoes:)
I don't usually shop for shoes. I will buy a good comfy pair and will wear them day and night and everywhere I go. My favourites at the moment are flats. Actually since I delivered Riz! sigh bad bad....most of my friends have already got over the flats and moved back onto heels but I am still stuck to the comfyness, easy breeziness of sandals and flats. Well especially since I now have 2 kids to handle at every outing without a helper....this clinginess to flat shoes make sense right?

It has been awhile since I was eyeing Toms Shoes. If you haven't heard of them, TOMS shoes came from the US and its business concept is One for One, which helps a person in need with each purchased product. Sounds so charity like right? Since 2006, TOMS Shoes and sold and donated over 35 million of shoes to children. When I walked in their flagship store in Midvalley the other day, couldn't help but to just go ahead and get a pair. oh, think of all those hardworking mommy days....I deserved a treat laa. Besides, I'll be helping out a kid with no shoes somewhere in the world out there:P

Say hello to my new Toms! my first ever pair. hehe. I just had to get the rainbow ones too! This pair is called Satin Paint Chip from the Women's Classics range. I was deciding between the lace pair and this one and thought hey, this one will easily match any of my clothings.

So with this I hereby declare that these pair will be my mommy shoes. from chauffeuring the kids to school, gym and classes to family outings to malls and supermarkets. So far liking how my feet fit in them and so far no blisters. it's a yay.

So far, my choices of mommy shoes so far are:
1. Ipanemas - the strappy kind like below which doesn't look like a flip flop.

2. Melissa Shoes (but i could no longer afford them since I resigned. boohoo) - I used to get ones that can be used for formal and informal outings. They are super comfy and is good value for money. my previous pair got so worn out and dirty from overwearing.hehe.only when there's a sale their prices go down to RM200+ for selected styles, otherwise RM400+. The mini Melissas were my fave too and Tia had two pairs which she wear everywhere she goes. Range of kids Melissa shoes are RM180-200. 

That said..one fine day, when I don't have to chase the kids or carry them anymore..i will go back to wedges or heels. hopefully I wont be too old! til then, I shall continue wearing only the flats and the comfortable. cheers!

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