Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Riz Johann's Upgrade to the Toddler Bed

Tia was transitioned to a toddler bed when she turned 2 years old. My parents got her a Gulliver Toddler Bed from Ikea as a birthday present. She was 'growing out' of her playpen back then, growing taller and the playpen looked too crowded. she would cry and bug people to climb in to sleep and to get out of it. so those were her signs of being ready to move on to a toddler bed.

The Gulliver bed in my opinion is the best out of all the toddler beds in Ikea because of the all round railings. it resembles a cot but its a big boy/big girl bed and so far Tia has not fallen out of it yet. It's also spacious, measuring 60cm x 180cm. haha, i remembered the measurements cuz i DIYed fitted sheets for this bed. it's around a foot shorter in length, than the normal bed.

Transition was pretty easy for Tia. the girl loved her bed, and she never actually co sleep with us. The only prob was just that she might get up and roam around at night, but so far so good.

So the playpen was passed down to Riz, and he enjoyed jumping in it and shaking the railings to oblivion and lovely mommy broke it in the process of trying to fold it up T_T He was doing alright soothing himself to sleep. i can even give him a bottle and leave the room and he'll be asleep by the time I return. now at 19 months old, he co sleeps with mommy daddy in our little queen sized bed and occasionally kakak squeezed in together when she has bad dreams. As much as i love cuddling my babies..i don't really fancy co-sleeping. I still want to share my bed with my husband, and only him (selfish ke?) so yes, we had to get a toddler bed asap!

So I rearranged our room a bit, pasted up their birth announcement posters from the cukur jambul events, sew pretty fitted sheets for both beds and here's how the toddlers' corner looked like:))

Moving Riz into his new bed was easier than I thought - I can't leave him to soothe himself to sleep anymore, but its nice to cuddle up with him for his naps and he didn't take very long to fall asleep anyway. He's in a phase of copying big sis so he is happy with his bed, with big sis next to him and that little space they have between the beds, only they can fit to walk up and down. and Tia as well, we used to pull her bed to combine with ours at night but when we put riz's bed next to hers, she doesn't really wake up at night looking for us anymore. hurray:)

We do have occasional nights whereby both still end up in our tiny bed but most nights they sleep soundly in their own beds. Will let you guys in on the tips to move your toddler to a big boy/girl bed soon!

Til then,


  1. may i know the expat group name plz?

    1. KL Expats for Sale, Advise and Recommendations. hehe. i forgot when i pressed the request button but i'm a member. lol

  2. Lawanya kids corner ni. Haha. I miss sleeping w my husband. Cz the baby br 4mo. Obviously mmg kene co sleep sbb bf. Tapiii wpn my bed king size n i put extra bed sblh our bed for kakak, last2 kakaknye tdo dgn i n baby. Papa yg tdo kt bed anknye. Sabar jela. Haha. Tp kdg2 i ask husband angkt dia tdo kt bed tu but sllnye mmg husband i end up tdo dlu cz my first daughter ske tdo lmbt. Sigh

    1. betul. me too.. that's why i push jugak try beli a toddler bed for each. but as i'm typing now both kids are in my bed:( hang in there:P i rase so far i buat...diorg tertido je terus angkat letak katil diorg. haha. tgh malam karang bangun balik lain cerita:P


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