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Travel Tips: 4 Days of Copenhagen, Denmark

I have been meaning to blog on this for ages for memories sake and for me to read back in many years to come.. Here's a post long overdue on my tag along with dear husband to Copenhagen, Denmark.  In October last year he had a Clinical Trial Meeting and bless him, bought a ticket for me as a birthday present. He goes outstation quite a bit for these meetings, and I've always dread being apart for usually 5-6 days. This was like the best gift ever. so thankful to my parents too who took care of the kids during the short trip.

Yup, to be on a 13 hour long flight all the way for just 4 days is a lil bit crazy and tiring. Hubby got to ride on business class and i had to go on economy. Because 2014 was a year of many tragic air accidents..I really had some fear riding alone. we tried to upgrade my tickets but to no avail. However, husband let me take his seat on the flight to Denmark.

As soon as we reach, we wasted no time. put our bags in the room and off we go. meeting starts the next day so we could go explore together on day of our arrival. no time for jetlag and sleep! Dear husband will be in the meeting 9am-5pm for the next 2 days so I had to explore alone.

Here's my guide to exploring Copenhagen alone in 4 days:)

1.  Public Transportation
There are buses and metro. Because I was alone, I didn't want to get confused so I travel around on foot and on the Metro Line. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers in Orestad. There was a Metro station a few steps away so it was convenient. We bought the ticket from a 7Eleven in a mall opposite the station. There are so many passes and tickets, that it was confusing. We bought a 10 trip ticket that we finished off in all the 4 days. So basically once you got the ticket, get on the station, validate the ticket and jump on a metro train. I only explored around using these 2 zones. It's quite enough to see a lot of attractions.

2.  Places to visit on foot
The map below is a guide for hop on hop off buses but it showed places that I went to on foot. most main attractions are within walkable distance. 
-Strøget Shopping Street
Hopped down At Kongens Nytorv station and walk through the stretch of 1.1kilometres of shopping outlets. There are a handful of H&Ms outlets along the street, big brands like Prada, Max Mara and Louis Vuitton, the famous Royal Copenhagen shop selling the blue flute plates, oh and a Disney Shop which i kinda go crazy in. Then there are little cafes along the street and in the backlanes. And also some little shops selling whimsical household stuff and decoration. Scandinavian goods. When I had extra time, I love to just get lost in the lanes of this street and go in random shops. 
A rainy first day walking in the streets of Stroget

 A toy shop selling so many wooden that i'm crazy of Hape I regret not bringing a bunch of these home:(

 Leather booties. Bebebundo who?
 An art work found while walking around, covering a construction site
 The Disney Shop I went crazy in

 Was amused with the Lego Shop. and then they reached KLCC. haha

- Nyhavn
This has got to be the one with the best view. I actually walked through Stroget to get to Nyhavn. it's a decent walkable distance. Nyhavn is a 17th century canal lined with old fashioned looking houses painted in multicolours. some are actually cosy cafes which u can sit in and just while away admiring the view. I have 8 hours to kill and it was cold outside as it was almost winter, I found a nice cafe to sit and sip good hot chocolate. I notice the the tables outside the cafes are well equipped with blankets for the comfort of diners.
The colourful houses slong Nyhavn. This was taken after husband's done with meeting.
 The view from inside one of the cafe. stopped by on the way to Amalienborg Palace for hot choc. This was taken when i was alone. the kind bartender gave me a hotchoc top-up. yeay:)

- Amalienborg Palace
From Nyhavn, I walked straight up to Amalienborg Palace to watch the changing of the guards. It happens at 12pm everyday, and I was lucky at the time they had a music band march as well because apparently there are delegates from another country visiting the palace. 

Is actually a preserved fortress which is still an active army ground when needed. It served as a public park as well. I walked through this to get to the little mermaid. It was such a quiet and peaceful walk with crazy breathtaking view of little hills covered in green carpet grass. canons a placed here and there.  i find the red buildings amusing. Gefion fountain is also there. one of the attractions.

  The beautiful public park leading to Kastellat

The red painted army offices. sorry it looked gloomy. I wish I had a better camera in hand!

- The Little Mermaid
This is supposed to be a must see since my favourite Disney princess is Ariel The Little Mermaid. hehe. After watching the change of guards, I walk straight up and through a park to reach the mermaid. But then for such a looong walk, it's really just a little statue of a mermaid sitting on a rock. Its not even the real thing, it's a replica. but worth a shot.cheese!

-Rosemborg Castle
Had to take the Metro here. Walked through the most beautiful park. Paid like 90DKK to visit the castle was beautiful and mysterious and all but I felt nauseas with the old smell in the castle. I'm not a very historical person, just curious, so yeah. no more castles for me.


-Botanical Gardens
Quite a boring walk, but the dome shaped green house makes a nice pic:)

3. Food
For muslims, I think it is fairly easy to find food here. There are plenty of salmon grills in the menus and vegetarian food is always available. I wanted to try some local food and ordered this dish. Does not suit my tongue! It's actually pickled herring fish, eaten with some salad. but at least i tried. The rest of the days are fish and chips and grilled salmons. Breakfast by hotel.hehe.
Cafe Petersborg is a cafe i found on the way back from The Little Mermaid sighting and was recommended by tripadvisor.

 Pickled Herring and the famous blue flute dinner plate
 The vintage looking restaurant i was glad i decided to stop here:)

The awesomest grilled salmon I had. found this restaurant while getting lost in the backlanes of Stroget street. i was really sesat la. huhu

Churros stalls everywhere

4.  Take shoefies everywhere you go.
Cuz you're alone and embarrassed to approach everyone to help take your pic hehe. It's interesting to look through the pics and see where you've set your feet on:) here are some of mine: 

5.  Googlemap
Buy a postpaid, and use your google map and google engine so you wont get lost. I did, and these two really helped get me back in my tracks. I also need the credit to keep connected with husband.

6.  Hard Rock Cafe
It's in the middle of a shopping boulevard, Street called Rådhuspladsen 45-47. Here was where we go to get our souvenir tshirts and shot glasses.

Okay! Hope these tips will help anyone who's planning a short trip to Copenhagen. Most of the attractions are reachable by foot so comfy sneakers are a must. And because everything is near, I went twice! once alone and another time with husband. picture collecting time:P hence all the couple pics I posted.

Last but not least, thanks for reading through. 3 more pics before we go!

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