Sunday, August 9, 2015

3rd Raya Aidilfitri Weekend

We spent our 3rd raya weekend at my SIL's beautiful new crib in Port Dickson. We only have 1 day of the weekend so it counts as the entire weekend for us. Everything is squeezed into 1 Saturday. so it's lunch at her house, mingle2 with family, and off to the beach with the kids for some fun:)

We missed our 2nd raya weekend because the kids got really sick:( but here we are out and about on the 3rd week:

Hi! Riz nak datang beraya!
 Riz's tshirt actually has a nametag which says "Duit Raya Collector- Riz Johann" haha so cute! Ordered it from
 Cheeky Tia and Riz. Tia is wearing a songket tutu skirt by Sabbytia ;)

 Off to the beach in the evening......I love how we can always dropby the beack when we balik kampung. hehe
 Rented bubble wands from the bubble booths on Pantai Batu 3, PD. The sand is quite soft here, but the seawater didn't look very clear or blue. a bit dirty. Riz has started to learn how to make his own bubbles! look at his face, so excited:)

We played til the sun sets and the kids began to show signs of crankiness...oh some tips when going to public beaches especially in Malaysia and a reminder to me next time we go to again:

1. Bring bottles of water to wash off sand (or a water dispenser with a tap)
2. Change the kids into bathing suits first no matter if they're playing only in the sand.
3. Bring extra diapers/ underwears and coverups to change out of their wet clothes or swimsuits. 
4.  Sand toys (i always forgot about this one!)

I didn't bring any of the above so we had to buy bottles of mineral water and tia had to wear daddy's tshirt back home.

Anyways we drove back to my SIL's place, bathe the kids, fed all of us dinner and back to KL. We usually travel back from PD after the kids are all bathed and fed and ready to sleep so they'll sleep in their car seats and we'll just carry them to their respective beds.
That's Tia performing her own show in front of grandparents.

So that's our raya weekend:) take care everyone..

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