Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Short Talk with Tia's Class Teacher

Tia started off kindy in the early 3 to late 3 year old class. Everything is still play and social based with lots of arts and playground play. However, she was upgraded to the 4 year old class last few months. In this class they will start teaching the kids how to read and write. They will do worksheets and they only get to do arts 3 days a week instead of the previous 5 days. 

I noticed that since she started the 4 year old class, she came back crankier and tired than usual, not her usual chirpy self. I thought it was just adjustment. After the raya holidays, she had another week of mc because she was unwell, and then she gave excuses like tummy ache and "the boys pushed me in school" cuz she'd rather stay at home and watch My Little Pony on the Ipad.

Not knowing how to handle the situation, I decided to approach her class teacher to ask if is it true that some kids are mean to her or why does she seem bored and not excited with school nowadays. This is what I got from the teacher:

1.  Tia is a bit picky with her friends. She likes Isabella, but the girl is a little quiet and does not respond much to her stories. She's also picky as to whom she has to sit with in class. tsktsk. The boys never did push her. I wonder if this is true or not cuz at the gym she does get pushed by a boy and she stoned up (mommy told her to push him back. haha. i'm sorry, i just had to. it's self defense! Although she strongly disagrees:P)

2.  She doesn't like doing the worksheets. These are like tracing alphabets, joining numbers, matching this and that kind of worksheet. She will usually sigh the whole way while having to do that. 

3.  She loves the hands on activities. She loves colouring, arts, physical activities outside. She'll stand at the highest point of her playground and sings her heart out. most of the time. hehe

4.  She's the class jukebox. teacher said that she doesn't mind the singing because otherwise she'll hear a lot of sighing while tracing out alphabets.

Okay, so far...based on my own judgement, nothing serious is going on. I was more concerned about bullies actually. I'm sure I'll have this worry throughout her school and uni years. 

Regarding the lack of interest in reading and writing..I don't know...she has to learn something anyway. but I can't help but think perhaps there are more interesting way of teaching rather than photocopied worksheets? or...did I send her to school too early, that she gets bored too soon? But I've seen her doing arts before as I do it with her at home quite a lot. painting, t-shirt painting, colouring, beading, sand art. She could spend a long time doing it. It means that there's interest. Just today I printed My Little Pony colouring pages for her and she coloured all 10 pages. That's practically a whole after school afternoon. 

I've also tried teaching numbers and phonics. I could only get her attention for a short amount of time before she changed the topic into "mom! we haven't done painting for a looooong time". she gets frustrated with complicated stuff that stresses the brain. omg that's pretty bad, it sounds like me. Riz on the other hand, is starting to show interest in tracing numbers in a math game on the ipad. he got me thinking..ey, how old are u already, dude? see, different kid, different.

So my thoughts at the moment - I'm  amused at her interest in arts and hands on creative activities but a little worried that she kind of like almost losing the excitement of school because of the worksheets? 

Anyhow, it is still too early to tell and my judgement could be wrong because she's our firstborn and everything is first time with her. However, according to my current principles of parenting I have to always always remember to go with the flow or her own pace, and never ever miss her interests.

Siblings colouring activity this evening. Riz ran off 2 secs after pic was taken. lol

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