Thursday, August 27, 2015

Disciplining- Hitting Other Kids is Never Okay.

We were at Kizsports GE Mall just now and i was following Riz around the playground like a hawk. RJ is the friendly kind. he would go near other kids and try to be friends. I caught up to him just in time to hear a loud SMACK as this arabian looking kid lempang his face.

Lempang. ok?

She was around 3 year old, and I am sure at that age she can be taught what is rude and wrong and what is not. Smacking a 1year old on the face is never ever, ever right. 

Of course especially when it's my Riz Johann. I boomed HEY HEY! NO HITTING!! Why did you hit a baby? WHY?? *insert the most garang no mercy mommabear glare* 

Her mouth hung an upside down smile and looked like she was about to cry and ran away.good. 

In another situation, a kid told off Tia that she could not come into "her house" which was a tunnel cubby by the way. because Tia was rude. "you stay there with your baby brother" she said. 

Ewah ewah.

Then a mother came out of ballet class saying that the teacher demanded another girl to apologize to tia for pushing tia.


Is it just me or my kids are victims today? today while under my watch but what about other days? and while i'm taking cate of them fulltime. what if i'm not? are they gonna come home from daycare with bitemarks that will make me die of guiltiness?walaweh.

So what would you do, or how would you feel if you were me? I will of course teach my kids to be kind and not initiate to hit people. but if they do get hit I will always tell them to HIT BACK. i mean come on, i just had to. teaching them to cower off will just show them the exact thing- being a coward. anyhow, no matter how it hurts to see other kids bully or hurt yours..i guess we should let them learn to deal and defend for themselves without us being in the picture. unless things get rowdy and there's hitting involved. i think they will do fine, because a few mins after telling Tia off, the girl beckoned tia to come to class with her. geez kids.

However what happened to RJ just now is definitely not permissible to me. it is definitely not okay to hurt people when they did nothing to you. I hope all parents could enforce this to their kids. no matter how lembik the other kid is just.. not okay. ok?

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