Thursday, August 6, 2015

DIY - How to Make Coloured Rice for Sensory Play

The other day, Tia was playing kinetic sand at Isetan KLCC and refused to leave the play area. she loves the sensory experience I guess, even at 3 years old. Riz has begun to be very attached to the Ipad (i know, my bad..but i have chores to do and he gets into mischief without it!) so I googled for a sensory bin project which could "stimulate" the kids' brain and enrich their sensory experience. cewah. hehe

I get easily attracted to colourful stuff and I found a tutorial on making coloured rice on Pinterest, where else. hehe. It somewhat resembles the sand and can be reused after playing so i thought...lets give it a try. The objective of this activity is supposed to let the toddlers practice on their motor skills by scooping and pouring and also sensory and touch by feeling the rice in their hands. 

I have made coloured pasta before. but those need rubbing alcohol and uses a lot of sealed plastic bags, which really wasn't very cost saving and with the alcohol as one of the colorant...your child better not put any of the pasta in his or her mouth!

Coloured rice uses very few ingredients that you can just grab from your kitchen cabinets on any given day. the only thing is feeling guilty for making our staple food unedible...but I think of it this way...we're not throwing it in the bin. it brings benefits to the lil kids. hehe. so, all you need are:

1. Food colouring (i use the regular ones you can get from the kedai runcit)
2. White Vinegar
3. A container
4. Syringe or pipette to drop the colour in
5. A teaspoon
6. Rice (I use 4-5 cups of rice)

Now , instructions. First, put rice in the container. Use the pipette or syringe to drop food colour in (I only use a tiny drop because i want it to turn pastel colour), and a teaspoon of vinegar. That's it! 

Close the container and give it a shake. Shake shake till the whole container turns into the colour you put in.

Empty the coloured rice onto a tray, give the container a wash or a wipe with tissue, and repeat the same steps for other colours.

Lovin' the pastel colours! must be the vinegar and the amount of colouring I put in. Apparently if you use rubbing alcohol the colour will be brighter and sharper. I dry the rice under the sun for a little while.

That's the finished product. Mix all the colours together to get a pastel rainbow effect. me likes! I scooped everything into a clear round container, and dumped a few small toys in together with scooping tools like medicine spoons and cups and powder soap scoops. oh those sand spades and rakes would work too. But would probably work better if you have more rice.

Here are the kids going at it:
Some serious scooping activity going on, and after a while..the burial of miss polly pocket and princess ariel. lol

After around half an hour...expect this kinda mess:

It can be a bit tedious to clean up, so my tip would be..sweep the play area clean first and lay down a mat for them to play on. after play just fold the mat in too and slide all the rice back into its container. not too much hassle. Unless your child decided to throw rice above their head....then that would need a lot more work.

Store it in a closed container, clean and dry, away from moisture so you can reuse it again. One thing about using vinegar is the smell....a bit unpleasant but bearable. and will go away over time.

Have fun and good luck making coloured rice okay mommies!

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