Monday, August 10, 2015

Jazzy Bugs Dance Class at The Little Gym KL (Show Week Pics)

At The Little Gym, Tia has been in the Jazzy Bugs class for age 3-4 which is a dance class. This class is unique in a way that it teaches ballet and tap for the first half hour, and then in the next half hour, the kids get to run and climb around in the gym. assisted by instructors, of course. So their syllabus consisted of ballet, tap and gymnastics in moderate amount. all win. yeay!

During Show Week in May, the kids get to show off their new skills to us parents. Here are some pics from the event. Tia did very well indeed although she was a little bit tired from school.

Each got a medal on show day hehe

Sabbytia is in the midst of collaborating with The Little Gym to promote our birthday outfits and princessy items together with the classes at the gym:) it's still in the works, and i will announce once its finalized:)

Til then, have a great day!


*p/s read my other review of The Little Gym here.

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