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Langkawi Family Trip - Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa and Kids Activities

This is an overdued post again..but I have to post it up! All family occasions needta be compiled here. This was our family vacation a few months ago to Langkawi. My sister was back home for the holidays and since we have everyone we decided to go for a quick 3 days 2 nights beach holiday.

We travelled by Air Asia and it was really nice flying in a big group:) We rented an Estima to fit all 7 adults and 3 toddlers to travel around in Langkawi.

Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi
We chose Holiday Villa because I have stayed there before with Tia when my husband had a conference there. It's affordable, kids friendly, nice swimming pool and it has a big and clean private beach.

-Rooms and Amenities
The rooms are spacious enough. There are two single beds joint together into a queen or kingsized bed which we decided to share with Tia. We requested for a playpen for Riz. The playpen didn't look very clean though. However, he did sleep in it for naps during the day. The 4 of us ended up squeezing on the big bed to sleep at night in the end!oh well..
view from our room

-Kettle, check. clean, ok. needed that to boil water for the kids' milk. Complimentary drinking water was provided, but we bought big mineral bottles to mix the formula and for us to drink.

-Bathroom looks a bit run down, perhaps need a bit of refurbishment. can be used well, so no complaints on that.

-Balcony has nice pool and beach view, but the gaps are a little bit wide so parents, must take care of your kids if they're out there.

Breakfast buffet spread was aplenty. Didn't manage to snap pics of the spread but here we are!
As usual we will pack some snacks from the buffet just in case we had to delay lunch for the kids while sightseeing and where we can't find food to feed them. So we took mini croissants, sausages, hash browns and cupcakes. oh and banana as well.

Kids Activities Around the Hotel
-Private beach
This is one of the reason we chose this hotel. private beach. peaceful, and the sand is super soft. loved it! and the sea is clean. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the sand. Riz being a water baby, loves the water. kept on blowing bubbles in the water. we made sure he wears a rashguard and a sun protectant cap to protect that sensitive soft baby skin of his. oh and also sunblock!

walkway from the swimming pool to the beach

The swimming pool is huge. especially the kids waddling pool. we spent a lot of our time at the beach and then the pool. They've opened up a new bar and pool facing the sea but that's only for adults.

Address : Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi,
                 Jalan Pantai Tengah, Pantai Tengah,
                 07000 Langkawi, Kedah.
Contact no : +60 4-952 9999

Pia's the Padi Restaurant, Jalan Ulu Melaka, Langkawi
We found this restaurant by googling and found the concept quite unique. it is a bungalow house turned restaurant, and located smack in the middle of a paddy field. It was very peaceful out there, and we love the deco. food is good, western, northern indian, malay, chinese cuisine. a but a bit too pricey though for local food. 

Address : Pia's The Padi Restaurant,
                 Jalan Ulu Melaka,
                 07000 Langkawi
Contact no: 012-493 3713
Business Hours : 12.00noon -11.00pm daily
Facebook link

Family Portraits by the beach
The Beach was really very beautiful that we decided to have a mini family photoshoot. we had some trouble with the lighting because we're amateurs (haha) but we love the product nonetheless! My family does not get together very often, so it's nice to have everyone in the picture. my sister flew back to the US for studies after this vacation.

Langkawi 3D Museum, Langkawi shopping

 We didn't get in this one but my parents and my sister did. we just hung around outside the museum taking pictures:) From the pictures from my parents was pretty fascinating in there!

We also bought our stock of chocolates and some gifts for family back home. The kids were a little bit handful but it was alright.

Finally, here are some tips when bringing kids for a Langkawi beach holiday:
1. Make sure you have enough diapers (duh)
2.  Sunblock - a must! because kids skin are as sensitive as can be.
3.  Rash guards for swimming - Like i said before, I am the newest fan of rash guards. at least, after this langkawi holidays. when the sun is too bright, its important to cover up the kids. those cute mini bikinis exposes a lot of skin...ouch!
4.  Snacks - always, always have snacks in hand to prevent cranky children (cranky children = cranky and tired parents)and water to keep hydrated, especially after swimming (tips: breakfast buffet. hehe)

Okay! hope you find this post useful if you're travelling there with the kids. beach holidays are simple and my favourite- i think we don't get tired very fast unlike city travels.

Til then, bye!


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