Wednesday, September 9, 2015

21 Months Old Riz Johann

Ah this little guy!
You know as a second kid, somehow you always get the impression of being no.2 and overshadowed by your older sibling/s. However .. I love both kids in a different way, for many different things, but with the same amount. to the moon and back and again and again:)

Riz Johann is now 21 months and he is such a charmer (at least to me!) An update on his milestones:

  1. Loves major cuddles - he's a dude of hugs.this is the best thing i like about him. sometimes he surprises you with kisses. he needs some kind of hug to fall asleep (a disadvantage but mommy is happy to oblige!), he will hug you if you pretend cry because he thinks its the real thing (so i pretend cry a lot nowadays to gain a hug. teruk right? hehe)
  2. Self feeds. only when he's super hungry. He is not really picky so i do have more food options to offer him. At the moment he loves practicing to poke at bits of food with his fork.
  3. ABCs & 123s - I just realized a few days back that he actually recognizes a few numbers and alphabets! he can pronounce A, B, C, D til I i think. He can spot the numbers 2, 5, 6, 10. Thanks Ipad. lolol. I like pointing to my radio screen in the car and ask him to point to a number nowadays. amusing really!
  4. Loves buses, trains, aeroplanes and anything that goes! He never gets tired of the song Wheels on the Bus.
  5. Speech - he has begun stringing 2 words together. "Mommy do" "Big Bus" "mommy Shea" "Daddy Shea" (refering to mommy and daddy cat), "Daddy Sit" "Purple Car" and a few others
  6. Oh and he just started calling me mommy like...1 month ago hahah. finally, Riz!
  7. He recognizes colours pretty well. he couldnt pronounce them yet, but if you lay out colour cards in front of him and ask him to choose, he'll pick out the right number!
  8. Gentle- This I'm proud of him. he is gentle, and so full of love. he has so much to give! I have never seen him act violently towards another kid which will make his/her mommy angry but the disadvantage is....a lot of other kids push or shove him. poor baby sat down shaken every time. hate it when that happens. naughty kids. ishh
I am looking forward to countless, many more years with him. I am trying to enjoy each and every milestone because they will not repeat or stay forever. I am enjoying his hugs every single day, and I love how he looks for me to sleep, and also refuses other people when I'm around. he's truly God sent. I can never be more grateful for him.  Alhamdulillah.


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