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A Quack-Tastic Sunway Lagoon Trip - A Guide for Toddlers and Small Kids


The 4 of us had Quack-tastic trip to Sunway Lagoon today. Recently, we noticed this deal online and thought hey lets go! it's a really good deal.  This promo only happens on 1 particular Tuesday of each month so you might want to check out the dates as follows:

Children under 90cm of height goes in for free so yeay for Riz! Tia on the other hand...didn't meet the criteria. hehe..big girl now!

We bought 3 tickets for RM42.40 each plus GST. On normal days an adult ticket will cost RM150 and a child costs RM120. All you have to do is take leave on a tuesday and have some fun here. Daddy Radzli did just that (also because KKM made him work all weekend) and we're happy and not guilty that we finally get a little bit of quality family time. Of course handling 2 kids wouldn't be as easy but it's still family time. everyone present for each other.

Ok lets start with the map of Sunway Lagoon:

Basically there are 5 parks altogether: Waterpark, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Scream Park and Extreme Park. 

I've read before that Sunway Lagoon isn't very kid or toddler friendly but i think it's not really bad...the kids still have a lot to do at this park.

With 2 toddlers in tow, we spent the most time at the Water park. The easiest, and they had fun playing in the water. We didn't have the chance to try out those cool Vuvuzela slides and Water rapids and all because there must be 2 parents present at 1 time to control the kids...but it's okay. making the tickets even worth it:)

We started off at the Surf Beach. Quite impressed with this man made beach because it really looks like the real one! oh and there are big fan generators all around too to..i guess, make the beach breeze a bit more real. hehe. We finally bought Riz a pair of arm bands because he  tends to just throw himself into the water or put his face in. it was a good step because he was really kept afloat and his head is always above the water! We loved the umbrella like structures with pouring water. I mean, Tia did. Riz was pretty overwhelmed by that, he clung to me real tight.
 Tia posing on the 'beach'
one with the monopod!

We brought the kids to Little Zimbabwe and Kalahari Kids, an interactive water playground with lots of mini slides and water guns and water showers. is that what you call it? Riz looves the slides, and tia loves to just splash about. There were 2 of these playgrounds that we explored in.  We also tried the Zambezi River where we guided the kids in swimming position all the way through. We didnt rent the tubes because in Legoland and Singapore Water Park the tubes just ended up floating without a passenger in. the baby always wants to swimmmm.

After 2 hours plus at the water park, we changed the kids and headed off to the Wildlife Park. There were tigers, lions, hedgehogs, sun bears, ducks and an aviary in there as well. pretty impressive for a mini zoo. Although i really wanted to check out the petting zoo, we didn't because we brought the stroller along and the kids didn't like to sit in it so it was pretty difficult to push or carry it down the steps.

Then off we go to the amusement park. For toddlers like Tia and riz, they have this newly opened Captain Kids' Playland and Captain Kids' Candyland playgrounds that they can play in. nothing out of the ordinary though, a few slides down the slides and they're like...we're done.

Captain Kids' Playland
Captain Kids' Candyland

Rides that Tia the almost 4 year old can go on at the Amusement Park are :
1. Carousel/ Merry go round

2. Wagon Wheel -Ferris Wheel

3. Apache Pots - The spinning pots
4.  Vultures 

5. Butch Cassidy Trail - The boots go round and round pretty fast ! I told Tia if she's scared she can close her eyes. she said "I'm not scared! I'm happyyyyy!!"

Here are some tips for bringing toddlers and babies to Sunway Lagoon: 
1. Change of clothes: Dress your toddlers in their swimwears the moment you arrive. bring 1 set of extra clothes for change later. don't forget swim diaper for the baby because you'll never know when they need to poopooo. I like Huggies Swim Diapers. got mine at Jaya Supermarket.

2.  Snacks - you're not allowed to bring any food including snacks. supposed to buy everything from the theme park vendors. however, we sneaked in the Ikea alphabet biscuits for emergency snacks. Riz attacked them like a hungry lion after coming up from the sneak, jangan tak sneak for your baby. just make sure you don't eat openly and don't litter. There are a lot of fastfoods restaurants along the beach; I saw Hotroll, Marrybrown, Burger King, Fish & Co, and also stalls selling hotdogs and cotton candies. 

3.  Towels - I havent see the rental ones or did I miss it? anyway I brought 1 adult towel and 1 kiddie one. and a thin bathrobe to wrap your kids in if you have one.

4.  Strollers - If need to bring. cuz there are some parts whereby the strollers can't pass through. they don't have official stroller parks like in Legoland and Universal Studios. So pakai redah je park. bring as minimal barang berharga as possible. In our case, we do need the stroller cuz tia doesn't really like walking but will sit in the the stroller. otherwise she'll demand to be carried and she's like...15kg already!

5.  Car park. Unfortunately there are no special theme park car park. you have to park in sunway pyramid and walk over to Sunway Lagoon. for those without kids...the distance is quite okay.. but with can be a bt inconvenient. So make sure not to leave anything cuz it'll be difficult to return and get it.. you know lah, you tend to be forgetful with kids.

6.  Floaties - Again, I think it's worth it to buy arm bands for your toddlers. peace of mind. better arm bands than nothing at all, if they don't swim very well yet.

That's about it! Hope it helps you mommies daddies:) I'm really sorry for the lack of pictures...we were busy handling the kids that I could only get a few...these are the best I manage to take!
Til then, thanks for reading.. Have funnnnn!

Sunway Lagoon
Address:      3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 
                    47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Contact No:  03-5639 0000 
Online ticketing here


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  2. Hi there,
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