Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Deep Cleaning a Bathroom

I HATE bathroom cleaning.
Sigh....who loves scrubbing? my bathroom floor was tiled with nice non slip tiles which has little little 'stylish' grooves in them...and at the end of every week they tend to get all moldy and scummy and guess who has to do the scrubbing? who else but me.

Sometimes I skip cleaning. because...there are so many other things to do...and then that geli feeling came and I had to do it anyway because the longer I wait the worse it'll get.

Today I tried to cheat by googling "part time maid ampang jaya". Dah pasrah, and ready to pay just so I don't have to be the tortured side of Cinderella for the day. Agreed on a Filipino who charges RM15 an hour but she didn't turn up. tunggu2 tak datang. Kidding right? no. I think I have lose faith in all the different kinds of maids. sorry no offense, but really.

So off I went, yellow gloves on with my army of sponges and brushes of multiple textures...ready to get down on all fours and scrub the shower area. sighhhhhh. Desperately, I googled for "deep cleaning bathroom tricks" and found a couple of tricks that does it for me. hehe. anyway, here are MY tips for bathroom cleaning. which worked for me by the way.

Must must must. the last time i tried to appear super hardworking-i-can-go-without-gloves....the skin of both my palms peeled and flaked. scary ok. please pakai.

2. Vinegar and Dishwasher.
Mix the two in equal parts, dip in a course sponge and scrub the tiles and shower screens. I love this tip that I used it for the entire bathroom walls and floors. and sink and the toilet too. lol. Vinegar is apparently the queen of cleaning agents, despite the unpleasant sour odour. Dishwasher cleans the grease on pots and pans pretty well, so I guess it does its job pretty well in the bathroom too. Surprisingly I didnt have to scrub so hard. just lightly. and especially the shower screen which was previously full with soap scum...instantly became cleaaar and pleasant to see.

3.  Baking soda and Vinegar
Ok apparently these two are for the drains and grouts (between tiles). a big box of baking soda is indeed not easy to find. but anyway, mix the baking soda with water to form a paste and scrub. then spray vinegar on, watch it fizzle. After the fizzle, rinse. Sebab malas, I just scattered the soda on the floor, waited a few mins and then scrub. poured vinegar all over then rinse. haha. u can tell i really hate doing this! It works better if you leave the soda scattered on the floor overnight actually. I dont like the slimy feeling baking soda leaves upon rinsing.

4.  Dettol spray
My practice is, after all is done, mop the floor, the spray the bathroom all over with diluted Dettol solution. This is solely because I love the clean after smell. as if confirming that I have scrubbed real good! lol
Ahh.. hello clear shower screen!

5. Get a mani pedi (finally)
Hahaha. always scrub the bathroom with door open so that the hubby or anybody else can see that you're working hard. they might offer you a mani pedi treat after the deed. but if your husband is the kind who doesn't get the hint (like mine)- demand lah. i feel bad for demanding since its just 1 bathroom tapi kecoh think of that 2 hours of scubbing and since it's your responsibility to take care of your skin and appearence for the all means, demanding a mani pedi is darn WORTH IT. hahahha

Tanamera Spa Pedicure it is at Capello by Nina Ampang today *snicker* thanks sayang! (although i paid half. haihhh)

K till then, happy scrubbing your bathrooms!

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