Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ladybird Key Words Flashcards with Peter and Jane.

I've been trying to use this Peter and Jane keywords flashcards with Tia and Riz. My mom said it works with me and my siblings when we were small. My parents made their own flashcards bu writing words from our Peter and Jane books with marker pen, in bold and large on manila cardboards and flash it to us. 

"Flash it to them even though they are busy playing and not paying attention, because u'll be surprised that one day suddenly they recognise the words and can read simple books." she said.

I guess baby brains are multitasking that way.cuz she is very positive that was how the 3 of us learnt how to read!

Now that they actually sell these nice glossy printed on cards, i dont have to hunt for manila cards and marker already. you can find them in Kinokuniya KLCC for rm38.

The cards arent very colourful and attractive, just plain white with bold black words on them displaying key words that we use in everyday life eg. He, She, The, Is, In, From, That, among many others. these words are also used in the 36 books of Ladybird's Peter and Jane series.

Our verdict? Riz, although at not yet two loved it. i will show and say out the words to him, 4 at a time..then lay them down on the floor and ask him to pick the word i say out. he loves a bit of competition and compliment so he enjoyed it.he even picks the right word sometimes!

Tia wasnt really interested in it. she does recognises a few words from school. and then she gives me this boring face and said she has something else 'very' important to do.should i b worried? lol.tsktsk.

So we'll see in the next few months how this will work on them n if they improve. and if i'm rajin enough to flash these to them too ehehe.



  1. Ooo do share whether it works! I guess it's too late for my first born, but maybe I can try it out with my soon to be two-year old ;)

  2. Haha same here Liz! too late for the firstborn. so far I havent been compliant. but we'll see we'll see:D


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