Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My First Uno Cards - Sofia the First version

I was buying supplies in Popular Bookstore the other day and found this:

My First Uno! and in Sofia the First version. I love playing this as a kid. although they havent came up with preschool Uno, it was to me the most fun card game. and then only I discovered Happy Family and Snap.

This deck of Uno cards comes in 36 cards and are bigger sized than the normal one apparently to make it simpler for the kids to play. As usual the cards  comes in a 4 colours, wild cards and take two cards.

Not all characters from Sofia the First are on the cards- there's Sofia, Amber, Maximus the horse, the rabbit and the bird (lupa plak nama!)

Tia was delighted and learnt to play pretty fast. Basically the game was all about matching colours and or numbers and who finishes her card in hand wins. Colours and number sorting was great, but she was a bit blur blur about wild card and the take two ones. and she was excited about having manyyyy cards in her hand little that she know that means lose! haha..of course mommy sneakily let her win most of the time:) hashtag-beralah.

The cards costs rm21.80 but for Popular Bookstore members its only rm14.80.good buy me thinks. nice game too. till later!


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